Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Black Swan

At some point at the horizon, the grace of a ballerina meets the devil-may-care attitude of a grunge dresser. Its the point on the scale where its difficult for the needle to tip towards either, glitter or grease. Its a melting pot of style where the lines between girlie and biker are blurred and where it becomes difficult to tell which one is more effortlessly stylish. 
This is the era of the neo-style where it is never black or white. We are never just black or white either. As a follow up to which our style aesthetics draw from different parts of us. The good and the bad. The joy and the sins. The black and the white. 
Don't try too hard with this look. Elements of these two deep ends of fashion come together seamlessly, for the contrast of the silver rivets with the tulle or the golden glitter of the ballerina shoes and smokey eyes and studded wrist wraps is almost too inviting to miss. The ballerina goes grunge with this one. Just another facet of a person who chooses to not fit into air tight compartments. Don't fall for the twinkle in her eye, for it has seen much more than the beauty of ballet. Much like the black swan. 

Pale pink tulle dress: Forever New (Australia)
Leather gilet with silver rivets: Forever 21
Golden ballerinas: Wanted shoes (Australia)
Aviators: Ray Ban (Nicked from Dad)
Arm party: Youshine and Fab Alley

Before I give in to the utilitarian winter fashion dynamics, here is to some whimsical, phantasmagoric styling.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Jil Sander: the story up till now

When the news about Jil Sander leaving her eponymous label for the third time hit us in October 2012, it did not come across as much of a shock to many. Was it because of her previous choices to be a bench warmer in 2000 and 2004 because of her creative differences with the other stake holders?
Possibly. The news flash and Net-a-porter's choice of Edit story here made me decide to conceptualise this ode to the work of a designer whose USP lies in clean cuts, minimalist designs and great work with fabrics. So this fall-winter, there is something we could all borrow from Jil Sander's style aesthetic. Be it the chunky knit sweaters or the cleanly tailored pencil skirt with the unexpected gold trim. Jil Sander's designs have come a long way from being purely androgynous to now throwing in bursts of colour and unexpected winging as she goes along. If anyone knows how to do clean, flawless cuts it is her. Here is to mastered tailoring and a starry eyed fashion girl's fall lust list.
Wool skirt with the metallic gold trim source

Cashmere sweater source

Silk blend double breasted jacket source

Ankle boots with block heel source
In my opinion, if its a Jil Sander, it has to be a comfortably oversized single buttoned coat. Or a mohair sweater. Or these boxy androgynous shoes in that polished leather that I would pair with a tweed dress. Jil Sander, thou art magic. We shall await your return, yet again.



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