Friday, December 31, 2010

The Gossip Girl Giveaway!

Hello my festive fashionistas!
I have the perfect GIVEAWAY for you, my loyal readers to usher in the New Year. If you've not been in the loop of things,the fab Runway Rundown(read more about them on my post here) has chosen 5 bloggers to collaborate with them for five gorgeous Gossip Girl (Yes, you read it right!) looks and giving away the fab accessories from all these looks is the wonderful Daily Accessory. The Gossip Girl look for the day is of the thinking man's dream woman, fashionista Vanessa. Vanessa's style is boho-chic and quite effortlessly stylish with her loose curls, flowy maxi dresses and just the right amount of accessories. Take a look at how you can replicate the look in much lesser.
Yes, M'ladies, you can win yourself that stunner of a Sarang necklace from the Vanessa look by entering this giveaway. Here is how to enter:
1. You must be a follower of the For The Love of Fashion And Other Things Blog.
2. You must become a Fan of Runway Rundown as well as For The Love of Fashion and Other Things on Facebook (here and here)
 *the above, gives you 1 Entry.

Bonus Entries:

* Receive 1 extra entry for becoming a Fan of Daily Accessory { here}
* Receive 1 extra entry for blogging about this Giveaway
* Receive 5 extra entries for signing up for Runway Rundown {link to sign up here on the left hand side}
* Receive 1 extra entry for tweeting about this Giveaway

The contest is open to everybody, from all corners of the world and the giveaway shuts at 12:00 P.M. on the 7th of January, 2011.
Have a rollicking time bringing in the New Year and may God shower his choicest blessings on all you guys. You've been a stupendous lot of readers!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger Childrenswear in India

Greetings all you festive folks.
Just when I thought the gifting and merry making this holiday season had all been covered by all the lovely fashionistas, I was offered this opportunity to review the Tommy Hilfiger Childrenwear India-Fall-Winter Look 2010. Tommy Hilfiger is known for its classic American cool persona and the children's collection is no different. There are three very interesting looks for the rugrats this season and honestly, they all seem so interesting that if you're considering picking something for any brat you know, pick something from each of those. There is an 'Explore Beyond' theme which highlights a very NASA-moon-excitement-for-the-kids kind of look. The colors used are reds and whites and blues and something called the 'Prism Pink'(how cute does it sound!) for the girls. Another very interesting look is 'Explore Nature'. What I personally like about this look is its very outdoorsy feel which EVERY kid on the block would want to sport. Khakis and knits for the boys as opposed to lilacs and ruffle detailing for the girls. The third theme of their clothing line this Fall-Winter is 'Explore NYC'. As the name suggests, the clothes under this theme are very vibrant, very New York, very hip with a dash of glam. Rock-n-roll, graffiti, sequins are some common features of the clothes which are ideal for the Tiny Tots' first few parties. Click on the images to enlarge.
The plaid skirt and the cardigan are my favourites.

Both the checked shirts are my picks from this one.

The Marci Vest is bound to appeal to the princess.

The Ohio Hoodie and the Chicago vest-very dapper.
What do you think? Which are your picks? And damn, I wish we had those kind of options when we were growing up. (Some things that our Moms put on our backs were just HILARIOUS :D)
If you want to know more about these collections and look them up, you can find them here and follow them:

I hope you'll have been having a rollicking time gearing up for the next year. I know I have :) Become a fan on facebook in case you want that extra dose from A Lot Like Fashion, right here.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Its Christmaka time :)

A very Merry Christmas and the finest Season's Greetings to all my readers!
All the holly and mistletoe and eggnog and cheer of the world cannot describe the feeling I wake up with on the Christmas morning. Life's been a little edgy off late but hey, who's complaining! Its Christmas and I wouldn't not be excited for anything in the world and the fact that my only family in this city apart from my friends, my cousin met me for lunch has something to do with it. And no, I strongly disagree with those humbugs who believe that christmas and family time is over rated. Here are a few pictures from my Christmas lunch outfit. Also, I'm raving about Sangria this Christmas. Which new bug has bitten you this Christmas? What are you raving about?
The Sangria and my salad :)

The diamond-patterned tights.

The bubble skirt exudes a silver-ish glimmer and I love the fact that I can dress it up and down according to day and night. Its from Sheik, one of my most favourite stores in Sydney :) The top's from Zara and anything with a bow, I got to buy it as is evident from my pearl bracelet with the bow. The sunglasses and the watch- DKNY.
Also, this week came in a lovely surprise when I was featured by the gorgeous Cheryl of Oh to be a Muse as her Featured Fashionista. Check it out here and drop your comments. Her blog is a compilation of her personal style and her inspirations and its a must visit! :)Thank you so much Cheryl! :)
What do you think of my Christmas look? I might experiment with turning it into a night look and if I do, I shall post some pictures of that. Till then, keep it Christmassy and stylish ladies.
Mucho love and Christmas XOXO

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The structured Jacket

Hiiiiii :)
I'm a little hyper coz of all the sugar inside me! (Gorging on Indian sweets) *Wheeeeeeee* Ok, so I've been missing in action for a while and that is only because the exams are taking a toll on me. I shall catch up on the blog reading too and to make up for my sudden disappearance, I get you an outfit post :D. When I was in Delhi last week, the temperatures had just begun to drop. It was cold, sure, but lucky me, it was not time yet to be layered with a billion layers..not just yet. There was that christmas cheer in the air, that characteristic time to be with friends and family and needless to say I made the most of it. I wish I didn't have to come back. I wish I could stay longer. Long enough to ring in the Christmas at least. Cutting across my banter, here is my favourite look from the trip back home that I'm reproducing for all my readers. The structured jacket is an Esprit and one of my latest purchases. Its going to be my winter staple.

My blue dress is from Barkins, black opaque tights from Voodoo, boots from a store in Delhi and the jacket is an Esprit.
I have been meaning to do some..uhmm.. Christmas-y (for a lack of better word) posts  and I promise to come up with some soon :) Hoping you'll are doing faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaineeee homies. Okay, I should stop. Bring in the love and become a fan on facebook too.(Check sidebar)
Love and cheers.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Featured fashionista of the Contest

My preciousssss! (LOTR reference, in case you did not know!)
As promised I'm featuring one lucky international fashionista as a sub-feature of the Sony Ericsson Giveaway. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you the lovely Sienna of Fashion Sienna, the winner of the contest. Sienna a.k.a Ana is from Croatia and is a contributor for a Croatian fashion magazine called CroModa. She enjoys fashion, music, politics, sports and I am totally with her where she says in one of her posts that we live in the era of absolutely unbeatable technology what with access to cellphones and internet to almost everybody, so why is it so difficult for people to stay abreast of whats happening in their country and the world.
I would describe her style as casual chic and she loves accessories as much as me!
Here are some of my favourite looks of her.

Love the necklace
My take? A must check out fashionista with a great blog thats a must read. Take a look at Fashion Sienna.
Love and Cheers


Friday, December 17, 2010

Winner of The Sony Ericsson Giveaway!

Hey all!
It has been so great to have hosted this giveaway and the enthusiasm it generated was of another level altogether! Personally, it was truly a success. All my thanks are due to our sponsor, Sony Ericsson India for having so mighty generous to give away that beauty :)
The winner of the contest on the basis of the answer and the entry points for having shared it is Mehak of Peaches and Blush. Congratulations Mehak :)
Please shoot me an email with all your postal details or leave your email address in a comment and you shall soon be the proud owner of the gorgeous Xperia X8 :)

Love and cheers

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My New Find

It is not always that I feel so uninspired. It might have something to do with the fact that I just got back to Uni to write my final exams which begin REAL soon. More so after a perfect one week with family and mind you, the celebrations continue without me now, now that I've come back to the other part of the country to write exams. But what is fascinating is the manner in which I chanced upon this lovely website called Australia entertains. Everything about it is of a dream-like composition. From their online store called pink frosting which houses everything from the perfect napkin holders for the perfect wedding to the most delectable cakes and their cupcakes are really the cherry on top :)
My winter inspirations are many.
But these sightings from these Australian event arrangement websites are making me reach for my hot cuppa and browse through their images for the next couple of hours.

Black Damask Theme for Wedding
Customised mints-How cute is that!

All images are from Australia Entertains and Pink Frosting.
My take? Its a must visit! Its every little girl's dream being woven into reality. (Excuse the corny lines, these things make me emotional! :D)
The Big Fat Sony Ericsson giveaway ends in a few hours so get your act together QUICK, become a follower and answer the contest question. :) I also have another surprise brewing for all my readers. Rest about that later.
Cheers and Love

Thursday, December 9, 2010

When we decided to be Good Kids

Hello all you fashionistas!
This week is going to be a fine one. The awesome sibling who you read about here and her husband (my most favourite relative) are in India and I'm going to home with them for the coming week. I'm looking forward to a lot of fun times and family reunions. Bring in the holly and mistletoe already. I will leave you with a couple of pictures from a dinner I went for with a few friends. It was at one of my most favourite restaurants in the city and I ate my most favourite thing on the menu( Eggplant parmigiano) and if that is not all, I discovered the terrace top of the restaurant which was GORGEOUS, to say the least. What is it that keeps me going when I know I have exams around the corner and the books will beckon anyhow..little dinners, good food, my friends, shopping, reading(I've been reading Kafka and it really is my kind of literature), long warm showers, chilly winds and of course blogging to hear from all you wonderful readers.
My streaks are finally showing clearer than before and I'm into accessorizing my hair more than ever. Like with this embellished hair clip for instance. 
 I couldn't have enjoyed wearing my leopard print skirt in grey and black anymore in any other season in the fashion archives. Teamed with a plain tee, I could not resist adding that dash of color to the ensemble with the wine-ish colored clutch which I've slung across in this shot and ballet flats of the same color. I'm also sporting the bow-necklace which is my favourite this season. The tee, the skirt, the flats and the hair clip are from an assortment of stores in Sydney, the bag is from Forever New and the necklace is from Forever 21.
None of us enjoyed the food as much as her and this was my favourite picture of the evening :)
This, this, this is that gorgeous terrace top of the restaurant and you will be led here by a flight of winding stairs with strings of golden lights on either sides of the railing. Its absolutely lovely. I still wonder how I never discovered it before.
Anyhow, have a lovely week you guys! Keep me updated and share the love on facebook too, right HERE. The big fat Sony Ericsson giveaway is also nearing its end so rush in your entries people after following the blog of course and its all right HERE.
See you soon! *insert a heart, please*

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Polyvore Look time

Hello lovelies!
I have finally gotten around to creating my first Polyvore look. Its not as good as what I would have wanted it but I am nearly satisfied. I kind of lost patience in between :P
But this is the look I'm coveting right now. A glittery-glam dress with a golden base, a biker leather jacket to give it a slightly grunge look. The black Louboutin booties in the set are perfect for this look simply because they soothe the effect of the golden glitter on the eyes with its suede. I've picked two bags with the look because of the simple fact that the bag I include in an ensemble depends largely on my mood. For an edgier look, I would include the Red Chanel suede bag and on a more not-so-experimental day, I would go with the lip-shaped clutch with the embellishments. Its safe and chic. Red lip color from Clarins is my next essential. I will get around to including that in my real life too, hopefully :D
Big shiny studs are doing it for me this season and hence I picked these plain gold square studs. No explanation required for the Chanel le Vernes black nail color, midnight Poison by Dior and the Dior Smoky Mania palette. For a more Lady GaGa day, I would also inclue the Jackie O sunglasses a la Victoria Beckham. Tell me what you think :) Share the love ladies and like my Facebook page on the sidebar of the blog.
Keep it stylish! :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Runway Rundown

Hello divas!
Presenting to you the answer to your prayers if you have been looking for a consortium which offers you suggestions on how to replicate all the stunning looks from the runway at a throwaway price: RunwayRundown
I personally enjoy browsing through the website because of two primary reasons:
  • Because it is absolutely updated with the season's runway trends and offers the affordable version of the same very accurately,
  • The website is organised efficiently and you can pick not only which designer's collection you would want to emulate but also by the price, style and also by the retailers who create such inspired looks.
Take a look:

The image on the left is from Vera Wang collection Spring 2011 and the image on the right is by Moschino Cheap and Chic, available at Rent The Runway.

I'm currently loving this look I found on Runway Rundown and I thought I should share it with you before you continue to browse the website for more fab looks for you to own, now. I'm all for this girly glam look!
The image on the left if from Elie Tahari's collection Spring 2011. This look can be replicated with an Old Navy Blazer ($34.50) on the right, skirt by See by Chloe ($120.00), belt by H&M ($7.99).
The website lists their inspirations which is a mixture of fashion blogs, magazines, dailies and it also lists shopping portals where the pieces of clothing used to put together the outfit are available. There is a facebook page in case the website interests you and it is available here.
So if you're looking to sport the hottest trends of the season without burning the hugest hole in your pocket, this site is a must visit.
Till my next post, share the love people and also look out for extra snippets from A Lot Like Fashion on the facebook page which can be liked on the blog's sidebar or HERE.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Sightings of Christmas :)

I am of the belief that men do I put it mildly..incompetent when it comes to women's fashion. NOT ALL, I do not generalise. I would say, a lot of them. But I might have lost the standing to say that. At least as concerns the men I talk about. DAMN :P
Ay takes his fashion seriously and it is commendable how he can look so stylish even when he claims 'he hasn't shaved and has been working on projects all night'.
But skeptical as I am, when Ay decided to go shopping for me..and in this case shoe shopping..I was slightly worried :D However, it is my pleasure to announce that he has successfully changed my opinion and wiped off all my worries regarding his incompetency to buy shoes for me :D This is my first Christmas gift and my joy knew no bounds when I saw the puppy on these. They are quirky, stylish and perfect to brave the stupid cold weather. I am waiting to be in their actual possession so I can pair them off with cute tunics and tights and a jacket, maybe. Take a look.

For all my readers in London, the store is a must visit. The place is called 'Irregular Choice' and the shoes come in quirky wrappings and boxes which add a whole lot of charm to the shopping experience, I would say.
Take a look at the online catalogue and you're sure to love a lot of their clothes and shoes.
Congratulations on a job well done Ay :) You have a wonderful taste in women's fashion too! :)
The Sony Ericsson giveaway is still open so all my Indian readers, get your act together and follow the blog to enter the contest with a comment and don't forget to share it on facebook, twitter, a blog post if you have a blog..right HERE.
Keep the fashion alive chicitas.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Grazia India features Shaa'ir

Hello all you lovelies! :)
The day was spent curled up in bed all day with numerous cups of coffee and my copy of Grazia India, December issue. Also, I watched a gazillion crappy movies and ate McDonalds for lunch so laziness and sloth-dom attained new heights today. I'm not complaining though. Grazia had a billion editorials for the festive season for the perfect sequinned dress, pumps, perfect hair, perfect blush and the perfect places to live up the New Year. Although I have to admit that my favourite editorial was the interview with Monica Dogra a.k.a Shaa'ir of Shaa'ir+Funk fame. For those of you who don't know, she is going to be starring in Aamir Khan's latest-Dhobi Ghat. The stylist for the shoot was Pasham Alwani and the clothes were an extension of her personality. She absolutely rocked all the three looks she sported in the shoot and my favourite part of those pictures is that ease with which she's adorning those looks with her natural good looks and those gorgeous natural curls. You have to see those pictures to see what I mean.

The one-shoulder dress is a James Ferreira and her sandals are from Zara. I also love her golden chunky accessories in this look.
The lacy blouse and the skirt are both Forever New and the embellished sandals are from Nine West. The boho green beads in her neck and the pink rose ring are perfect for this very girly outfit. Also, I absolutely love her nose ring. :)

This has to be my favourite look where she is wearing a pink silk draped dress by James Ferreira , the leather jacket from Zara and the cage booties from Nine West. The look instantly reminded me of the gorgeous Blake Lively spotted in a similar ensemble. This is what I'm referring to.
The most striking part about both these stunners being their absolute comfort in their skin which is probably what makes them so stylish.
I'm definitely going to give this look a go this season. Maybe with longer boots :)
The Big Fat Sony Ericsson giveaway is still open. Follow my blog, leave a comment and spread the word on fb, twitter and your blog(if you have one). Click HERE to enter.
Also, my facebook page is up and running so Like it for more updates from A Lot Like Fashion :)
So long ladies.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We No Speak Americano

I am of the belief that a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! That includes all crazy nights together where we just huddle up and gossip and share laughs over drinks. That acquires a whole new coolness quotient when the venue is the swankiest place in town and in our case City Barrrrrrrrrrrrr(No, there aren't those many Rs in Bar). From the corporate honchos to the wealthy wives in a mid-life crisis, you are bound to meet every possible character in that place. Does that make any difference to us? Not so much since the USP of the place were the drinks and the food! If Lebanese flat bread with hummus was a good vegetarian choice then the cheese chicken tikka was ultimately delectable. The drinks were well mixed and all of us could tell that :) Appropriate dressing for a Tuesday night. Without fearing the fashion police, ANYTHING. In a place like that, you could be in your office clothes (which a lot of people were) and you would still be at place as much as my friends and I who were comparatively dressed up. This is what I wore and you're free to ask me for anymore details about the outfit.
This necklace is my new favourite. The multiple chain links in a necklace or the cuff links are really doing the rounds and being more of a necklace person than a bracelet, I decided on the necklace. Also, to give the outfit a more Tuesday night feel, I wore flats instead of heels.
This a group picture of us and I think its gorgeous <3 <3
From L-R: A, I, P and L
L was in New York and she bought us these gorgeous gifts which I shall share with you all very soon. Till then, stay stylish and DO NOT FORGET TO ENTER THE GORGEOUS SONY ERICSSON GIVEAWAY ON RIGHT HERE. Its also available on my side bar.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Latest Award :)

Hey all!
I'm hoping the week is progressing fairly well for all of you'll who do not have to write exams in the next few weeks. Ah, the dreaded exams and at the risk of exposing my readers to any obscenity I'm just going to say #*%&#%&%.
However, it is little joys like this that makes me come back to my blog at the end of a very long day. The lovely Shristi of Style Fashion Etc has given me the Stylish Blogger Award.
As a ritual, I pass on this award to 7 other lovely bloggers and state 7 random facts about myself. Did I cover everything? I think. Here goes. I shall pass on this award to:
  1. Peaches & Blush
  2. Oh To be A Muse
  3. The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich and Infamous
  4. The Sidewalk is my Runway
  5. COSMICaroline
  6. Bohemian Rhapsody: Capturing Fashion
  7. Full Closet But Nothing To Wear
As a ritual, if you've been awarded this award, please link the person who awarded this to you and pass it on 7 other stylish bloggers with 7 facts about yourself. Also, let them know by way of a comment that you've awarded them this award.
7 Random facts about myself:
  • My first love was journalism and not law. My second love is Human Rights Law, where I'm headed.
  • I CANNOT live without at least 3 cups of coffee/tea in a day.
  • I am also actively involved in theatre. I might want to study theatre at NYU someday.
  • I have the biggest fetish for perfumes. Tried them all, Chanel for keeps.
  • I LOVE debating. Have been debating ever since school and continue to do so.
  • I love dancing. I have trained in salsa and hopefully shall train in some other forms in this lifetime
  • I can be hypochondriac-ish sometimes. Note: SOMETIMES :D
Love love love, chicitas.

Monday, November 29, 2010

My style Icon FOREVER.

Hello Lovelies,
I hope the week's begun on a good note for you'll. Mine has been one, long sleep-a-thon. Not bad, I hear you say? Very very bad, I have exams coming up and its time I get my act together. One post I've been meaning to do for a long while so here goes. Its a little personal yet its an answer I think most my readers and friends need to know. Very often people ask me who my fashion icon is. Of course, there are answers customised for different people. I've said Anna Wintour to some, Audrey Hepburn to others and Sarah Jessica Parker to yet some other people. However, very realistically my style icon ever since I even remotely understood what fashion or an individualistic style meant, has been my sister. Till the time we were in school, I think I made it awfully obvious that I tried to emulate her style. From her skimpy short tops with stretchable jeans look, to wearing colorful loops(Ewww)..from wearing 'short' skirts to wearing white ruffled knotted tops with platform heels, I've copied all her looks. Even when she went away to Uni and I was still in school, I used to ask her to buy two of whatever she shopped for herself. She's married now and I'm in Uni and I still look up to her for now very-Aussie fashion sense. It is so inspiring to see her wear classic designer clothing with so much elan and yet pull off a casual minimalistic look with hawainas with the same amount of ease. From her sunglasses to her choice of accessories and oooooooh her make up, everything makes me feel like a little girl in a barbie store. And then there's her collection of designer bags and shoes which I hope to inherit someday :D Here are some of her looks which I randomly put together for this post. Tell me what you think.
Loving the Tony Biancos
Perfectly put together for a day out with Husband :)
Sister and I in front of the Opera House :)
And then she manages to look so fly even in a saree
Don't forget to enter my Big-Fat Giveaway chicitas, its right HERE and its also posted in the sidebar of my blog. So DON'T FORGET.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Big-Fat Sony Ericsson Giveaway

Dear Readers,
I can finally unveil the big surprise that I’ve sat on for a while now. I’m not sure but I think the title gave it away :D Yes, there is a gorgeous Sony Xperia X8 up for grabs on this very blog. The contest for winning the phone is sponsored by Sony Ericsson India and hence is open only to bloggers residing in India.

However, there is something for my international blogger friends in this too. You can enter this contest too and one lucky winner shall be featured in an entire style post.
So whats new and so great about Sony Ericsson’s new range, the Xperia phones? Apart from the first of its kind human curvature design which fits the phone right into your palm, there are a gazillion other yummy features that would want to make you buy this babe ;)

I am using the Sony Xperia X10 Mini Pro in the pictures which has all the latest applications along with a great 5 megapixel camera and whats great is that you can also upload these pictures directly on facebook.
Touchscreen, Google Maps, Android based applications are some of the features that make it absolutely trendy and fashionable to own. It also comes in a ravishing Red in case you’re interested!
The phone we are giving away in the contest is a Sony Xperia X8 which is the perfect phone for the ladies. It is compact and has a 3-inch screen so watching videos earns a cooler quotient. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera with all the awesome google features and a stunning touchscreen. If you’re slightly edgy in the colors you choose then this one’s for you because it also comes in a dark blue apart from the shiny white. For all the geekily fashionable women who want their phones on the best operating system, there’s another ‘one up’ – the X8 is on the Android 2.1.
The contest is simple as hell. Get your creative juices flowing and tell me in about a sentence why you would want to own this phone. The answer should be left in a comment to this post only after you have become a follower of the blog. The winner will be decided keeping two benchmarks in mind: the creativity of the answer and the number of times you publicize this post (this includes sharing it on facebook, tweeting about it and including a link to this post in any blog post you do). The links of sharing this post should also be included in the comment. The contest closes on December 17, 2010 at 12 p.m, the winner will be declared in the same week and the phone shall be couriered to you once I receive your contact details. 
The photo credits for all the great looking pictures go to BFF. She’s awesome.
Keep the fashion alive, chicitas.


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