Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger Childrenswear in India

Greetings all you festive folks.
Just when I thought the gifting and merry making this holiday season had all been covered by all the lovely fashionistas, I was offered this opportunity to review the Tommy Hilfiger Childrenwear India-Fall-Winter Look 2010. Tommy Hilfiger is known for its classic American cool persona and the children's collection is no different. There are three very interesting looks for the rugrats this season and honestly, they all seem so interesting that if you're considering picking something for any brat you know, pick something from each of those. There is an 'Explore Beyond' theme which highlights a very NASA-moon-excitement-for-the-kids kind of look. The colors used are reds and whites and blues and something called the 'Prism Pink'(how cute does it sound!) for the girls. Another very interesting look is 'Explore Nature'. What I personally like about this look is its very outdoorsy feel which EVERY kid on the block would want to sport. Khakis and knits for the boys as opposed to lilacs and ruffle detailing for the girls. The third theme of their clothing line this Fall-Winter is 'Explore NYC'. As the name suggests, the clothes under this theme are very vibrant, very New York, very hip with a dash of glam. Rock-n-roll, graffiti, sequins are some common features of the clothes which are ideal for the Tiny Tots' first few parties. Click on the images to enlarge.
The plaid skirt and the cardigan are my favourites.

Both the checked shirts are my picks from this one.

The Marci Vest is bound to appeal to the princess.

The Ohio Hoodie and the Chicago vest-very dapper.
What do you think? Which are your picks? And damn, I wish we had those kind of options when we were growing up. (Some things that our Moms put on our backs were just HILARIOUS :D)
If you want to know more about these collections and look them up, you can find them here and follow them:

I hope you'll have been having a rollicking time gearing up for the next year. I know I have :) Become a fan on facebook in case you want that extra dose from A Lot Like Fashion, right here.


  1. Very cute!

    Love that red dress!


  2. What adorable little outfits! That hat is so cute!

  3. Oh and sweetie, have you added your city info to Location Central yet? It's where you can see who blogs by you. We're all on there!


  4. oooh lovely things!! haha and it's true there are more cute things now then when we were growing up... I remember (must have been 11 or something) looking at every single shoe-shop in my city because we couldn't find 'normal' shoes anywere, there were just no beautiful shoes! (true story :p)
    Here I love the plaid skirt and the plaid shirts the most!



  5. All of this is just toooo cute...why we never had such options back then ? Sob..Sob


  6. oh god i looovveee children's fashion sooo much !
    i actually just put up kids photos in my latest post :)

    glisters and blisters

  7. Gah! How incredibly adorable! I want to buy some of these pieces for my nephew!! :)

  8. How cute are all these?!
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment! Nice to "meet" you and of course, I'm happy to follow you -- follow me too? :)

  9. awww everything is so cute:D

    http://inablondeworld.blogspot.com/ xxxx

  10. I sooooo agree with you there......where were the designers & design houses/brands when WE were growing up??? Nice review but......they are sure picking all the right people to write the reviews!! ;)

  11. i like the red dress!!!
    thanks so much for your comment
    M Maybe we could follow each other?on google friends and facebook:))))

    xx Marina

  12. Oh my goodness what adorable little clothes. I can't wait to have a little kiddie to dress up! Someday.. haha

    Xo Chelle

  13. Aw cute! Makes me wanna be a kid again.


  14. so pretty!!!!

    xx Marina

    new post)

  15. i'm following you now :)
    thanks for commenting.
    follow me at http://vanity-noapologies.blogspot.com/

  16. Thank you for your comment darling! I'll happily follow you! Follow me back:)xx


  17. Wow what a post . Very nice one dear. I hope you post more like this one.

    beautifull dresses.

  18. if I was a kid I would want to wear that aqua puffer vest..so cool! xo lina

  19. Thanks everybody! :) The social media profiles have been added to the post in case you want to peruse through more of their collections! :)

  20. Aww, everything looks so cute! I wish I had some of this stuff when I was little! I suppose I'll have to dress my little sister in it instead! :)

  21. great review and well written.
    i do love any thing tommy hilfiger. he's one of the true great masters of style of the twenty first century.

  22. these tommy hilfiger children's clothes are too cute!



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