Thursday, December 16, 2010

My New Find

It is not always that I feel so uninspired. It might have something to do with the fact that I just got back to Uni to write my final exams which begin REAL soon. More so after a perfect one week with family and mind you, the celebrations continue without me now, now that I've come back to the other part of the country to write exams. But what is fascinating is the manner in which I chanced upon this lovely website called Australia entertains. Everything about it is of a dream-like composition. From their online store called pink frosting which houses everything from the perfect napkin holders for the perfect wedding to the most delectable cakes and their cupcakes are really the cherry on top :)
My winter inspirations are many.
But these sightings from these Australian event arrangement websites are making me reach for my hot cuppa and browse through their images for the next couple of hours.

Black Damask Theme for Wedding
Customised mints-How cute is that!

All images are from Australia Entertains and Pink Frosting.
My take? Its a must visit! Its every little girl's dream being woven into reality. (Excuse the corny lines, these things make me emotional! :D)
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Cheers and Love


  1. oooh those just look too delicious! Serious lack of tasty food in the house and I would KILL for one of those girly delights right now. X

  2. How cute are those mints?! I like the black damask theme.. very elegant!

  3. AAwww those look stunning...i wouldnt even know they were edible...loved the pictures

  4. talking of creativity! this is something called art...

    I love it...


  5. ooooh what acute stuff :D Lovely!!


  6. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Especially loving those mints!


  7. Beautiful pictures..and with a name like 'Pink Frosting', Pink Diaries will positively notice ;)

  8. just found your blog! love your posts :) following xo

  9. stunning collection of photos. i love it!



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