Monday, November 29, 2010

My style Icon FOREVER.

Hello Lovelies,
I hope the week's begun on a good note for you'll. Mine has been one, long sleep-a-thon. Not bad, I hear you say? Very very bad, I have exams coming up and its time I get my act together. One post I've been meaning to do for a long while so here goes. Its a little personal yet its an answer I think most my readers and friends need to know. Very often people ask me who my fashion icon is. Of course, there are answers customised for different people. I've said Anna Wintour to some, Audrey Hepburn to others and Sarah Jessica Parker to yet some other people. However, very realistically my style icon ever since I even remotely understood what fashion or an individualistic style meant, has been my sister. Till the time we were in school, I think I made it awfully obvious that I tried to emulate her style. From her skimpy short tops with stretchable jeans look, to wearing colorful loops(Ewww)..from wearing 'short' skirts to wearing white ruffled knotted tops with platform heels, I've copied all her looks. Even when she went away to Uni and I was still in school, I used to ask her to buy two of whatever she shopped for herself. She's married now and I'm in Uni and I still look up to her for now very-Aussie fashion sense. It is so inspiring to see her wear classic designer clothing with so much elan and yet pull off a casual minimalistic look with hawainas with the same amount of ease. From her sunglasses to her choice of accessories and oooooooh her make up, everything makes me feel like a little girl in a barbie store. And then there's her collection of designer bags and shoes which I hope to inherit someday :D Here are some of her looks which I randomly put together for this post. Tell me what you think.
Loving the Tony Biancos
Perfectly put together for a day out with Husband :)
Sister and I in front of the Opera House :)
And then she manages to look so fly even in a saree
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  1. She's fabulous!

  2. ur sister is gorgeous and for sure i can see y she is ur style icon... she has a fab sense of style!!

  3. Sooo pretty! About the giveaway I can't enter =(

  4. ur sister looks amazing..just fab !!
    n her style is awesum...

  5. She is gorgeous and incredibly stylish. I love that you place her as your style icon over the likes of Audrey Hepburn and La Wintour. Whilst I am as Anna-obsessed as the rest of the fashion world, my personal style icon has always been my grandmother. She is the most elegant person I have ever met and I have never (not even at 6am christmas morning, or on a rainy family walk) seen her looking anything less than immaculately chic. Anna Dello Russo may be fabulous, and Carine Roitfeld may be fierce but it's nice to have an ever-so-slightly more accessible icon sometimes. X

  6. wow she is gorgeous and has great style!! i can totally see why she's your style icon!

  7. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things: Your sister is absolutely gorgeous. So stylish in such a natural way, its enviable. No wonders she's your style icon. :) And from what I can see, your on almost there. :) All the best. :*

  8. Absolutely love the 2nd look!
    I would love for you to subscribe and offer any comments/pieces of advice for my new blog! It's all about "Becoming Preppy". How preppy is all about pink & green, confidence, elegance, and style!

  9. wow! she is definitely amazing and effortlessly chic... you are so lucky to have an inspiration close to you, I so wish I had a sister!


  10. Hey, is there anyway I can get your blog updates via email?

  11. love the white purse! <3 cute outfits

  12. Love the shoes in the first outfit:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  13. Well, well, well, what can I say now?? ??
    This post of yours is a 10/10... ... Brought a tear to my eye (God, why am I becoming such an aunty???!!!??? I don't look it guys, I swear) lol
    She looks gorgeous, in every pic, in a different way.
    Personally, I dig the second look the most: The white and beige dress ... ... that look is my favourite!!! !!! Sonal looks very special in that.
    FYI: The Tony Biancos in the 1st pic, we picked them up together in melbourne - the fashion capital of Australia :)

  14. Thanks you guys! :) She was quite surprised to see this of course :D
    Sweety Di, you're not an aunty, chill out ;)

  15. love the first look! i am so into white skirts with black tops these days.

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  16. Love the pictures!! you look both georgeous:)

    Stop by my blog if you like and follow please:)


  17. Thanks ;) subscribed thru email. :)

  18. umm.. Sorry to bother you again and again... the subscribe option below the comment box is to subscribe to the comments and not to the posts.. :(

  19. this is a super sweet post. it's so nice that your sister is your style icon. i think she does have a great style! thanks for sharing.

  20. She's gorgeous and wow!Love her bags in every pic!!great sense of fashion!
    Btw, I have given you an award on my blog, do check it out :))

  21. She definitely has an effortless air of fashion to her, so natural and so beautiful!

    Lucky you, she's your sister!


  22. Your sister is beautiful and so are you! Lovely blog darlin', following! Hope you will do the same!

    xx - L

  23. yeah! Your sister is a glam piece.

    She is not too skinny unlike what people in this world ache for but she is able to retain a look that is pleasing to the eyes. hers is not overworled. Simply elegant and classic.

    Stacey baby :)
    Designer Sunglasses

  24. I'm prolly the last one to comment on this blog...but i was too overwhelmed to say or write anything! Once again my baby sis makes me feel on the top of the world & a lot more than just what i'm. And trust me darling my look is never complete w/o your nod of approval ;) ! Thanks for making me feel so special...You are my soul sister!

    P.S. I'm all squishy-squashy again xoxo

  25. She's gorgeous! Lovely looks :)

    Stay gorgeous!

  26. your sis definitely is a style individualist !
    and u both look gorgeous !
    and cool pics !!!



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