Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The DIY I picked in Goa

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I love my holidays just as much as the other person and to bring back something for my blog in terms of a DIY or a trend or just an over load of information on travel and fashion gives me an immense satisfaction! Yes, I take it seriously =)
I can't think of many people who wouldn't rave about the sand and fun under the sun, business of Goa! And if such a holiday comes right in the middle of my last semester in Law school which is dreary like no other, it couldn't be more welcome. At this particular beach, I picked a very popular beachy trend that would come in handy for all those who don't wanna go all the way to Goa to get these cute woolen braids in their hair!
Its as simple as this and I hope the pictures would guide you along:
Pick the 3-4 colorful woolen strands of your choice and pick a thin section of your hair wherever you would like to place the braid. Start with putting a knot with the threads on that section at the top. Follow that by placing them side by side, leaving no space, around the section of your hair, wrapping it as you go.
When you're nearing the bottom, place another tie and start making a multiple fork braid with the section of the hair and the woolen strands. Fasten two knots at the bottom and snip of the extra. You're good to go =)

What did you guys think? Would you try the DIY? Like the beachy outfit?
Would love your feedback.



  1. hey i got them in 3 bright colors in my 1st year of college..very popular here in delhi. the best part is that it needs 0 manitainnance and stays for atleast a month!

  2. Interesting DIY!! You look made for Goa in that outfit!!

  3. thats a nice DIY...and you look super HOT!!! love the outfit!

  4. Oh how that reminds me of younger days! (Gasp! now I feel old) but yes, I brought back multicoloured braids from every trip to goa. Always got them done from the lovely gypsy ladies on the last shack at anjuna. And I hated taking them off! (The last time, I had to cut my hair, braids et all bcoz it had been left like that for so long!)
    It looks lovely on you, as does the outfit!
    Happy Holidaying!

  5. Love your outfit! Now I want to go to Goa too!!!

  6. I got it done, too! Now, I'll try as a DIY as well!
    Love Goa! <3


  7. oh, and is that Calungute beach? The water sports there are a thrilling experience!

  8. Very cute! The outfit and the hair DIY! I used to buy the kits to do it all the time

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  9. This seems so interesting, fun and funky ..I definitely wanna try this..(*Calling Mommy*) <3

  10. I'm so glad to see that we've found yet another thing to bond over ladies :) It was so great to read all your hair braiding experience :) Please keep coming back for more!
    @Isha: This is Baga :) Although I did go to Calungute too :)

  11. oh this is soo cool, it would be so interesting to see someone offering this service. It makes me want to come there :o

  12. I agree with u. holiday packages to Goa are very popular, Goa Carnival held in February every year is an equally popular draw. The street carnival is marked by parades, colorful floats, street dancers and of course, lots of fun and frolic! No matter what the season, Goa never goes out of style.

  13. Start with putting a knot with the threads on that section at the top. Follow that by placing them side by side, leaving no space, around the section of your hair, wrapping it as you go. best tour packages in usa

  14. Where do i get it done on banglore pls suggest any one



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