Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cheesecake Challenge-I

Hola lovers!
Yes, cheesecake puts me in an awfully good mood! I'm on the hunt for the best cheesecake in Delhi city and in no random order I shall try bakeries and cafes, rate their cheesecakes and at the end of the month, emerge with a winner :)
The first on my list was Cafe 'Whipped' in GK-II. The best part about this cafe has to be the red leather high back cushy chairs which immediately help you sink in. The strawberry cheesecake which I devoured was quite nice. My problem with it was only the base. It was kind of soft and a soft base can very easily kill a well set cheesecake. What I absolutely loved, however, was the granular strawberry topping on the Cheese cake, along with the smooth cheesey bit of course.

What did however win Whipped a brownie point from me, was their Paint wall. Set outside with a palette of paint and brushes, you are welcome to paint on the wall while enjoying the Whipped experience.
The XOXO wasn't me, I swear! :D
Rating of the cheesecake: 3/5
Looking for a 5/5 and the hunt continues :)
Proud to announce that the wishlist registry called www.wishpotcom has enlisted me as a Fashion Expert. Thanks guys :) Check it out here:
Apologies, I'm having troubles adding links to this new version of Blogger!
Keep the fashion alive, fashionistas :)
Till then, XOXO


  1. Best cheesecake for me is in the big chill cafe or in Mrs Kaurs diner in khan market

  2. Yum! Cheesecake.......mmmmmmm....waiting for the results! :)

  3. I adore the cheesecake color, but I don't like to eat.very nice pics

  4. seems to be so delicious, hope you'll be sucessful in your quest xD


  5. barbeque nation has the best cheese cakes.!! :)



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