Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Big Sale in the Fashion Archives :)

And I'm back. Struggling to find my foothold in the weekday choc-a-blocs again. Finding simple things to amuse myself and make myself happy again. For instance, today I happened to be at the nearest Book store and was I happy to find out that they were having a Mega sale. And no no no, not an ordinary sale, sale on International magazines at throwaway prices :D It made me happier still to lay my hands on copies of my favourite International fashion magazines and the undying love for fashion in me didn't let me down and now I'm a proud owner :D
Going through these vintage magazines makes me realise how fashion is ever evolving and how most old trends make a come back, without an exception..and some which don't, don't for the better :D
As I flip through the glossy pictures, sitting near my window with the occasional gaze outside..I'm swept into the runaway fashions of last season, last to last season from some of the most awe-inspiring designers of the world, from OTK(Over the knee)boots by ASOS, booties by H&M, Shirts by Calvin Klein and extremely chic and fun accessories from Claire. It was when I was browsing through this, that I found what had me gazing at it intently for the longest time..A Jimmy Choo sale in collaboration with H&M..Their shoes, clothes and accessories at prices better than before..a sale which did brilliantly well in UK when it actually happened. Just a snippet of what I shut the magazine on, after wishing for similar wonderful sales in my country of course :) Excuse my not-so-great photography of the brilliant magazine :)
Tell me if you like what you see, and what you like best of course :)
Its Jimmy Choo, whats not to like :D
Headed for dinner to celebrate a friend's victory. Till the next post :)
Photos Courtesy: Grazia-UK.
Don't miss the Pumps:)
My pick? The Diamante Heels:)
The Necklace and its various renditions that we see now :)


  1. For the love of Fashion and Other Things.. First off, its brilliant how you've looked at vintage magazines and turned it into a brand new fashion statement! All the things forgotten and yet so essential in all wardrobes! And the sale.. *dreamy sigh*!! I wish they'd happen here too! But yes, another wittily written piece! Can't wait to read another one! Keep posting!
    P.S. I love boots and I can't wait to own another pair!

  2. @Ankita: Haha! Yeah, its a funny post coz one whole article in the magazine sucked in all my attention :) Boots are hot and I'm loving the OTKs :)
    @Xtirsa: Thanks a ton :) Watch out this space for more:)

  3. Hi there...just found your blog...Im your newest follower:)

    Looking forward to seeing more:)

    Statements in Fashion

  4. I love going through old fashion magazines and seeing what use to be cool. I get shocked sometimes by some things that were in. Thanks for sharing.


  5. @Collette: Hey Collette, good to hear from you :) Enjoyed going through your blog too :)
    @Lee: Thanks Lee :) There's no bigger joy than rifling through old magazines and books for me :D
    @Joelyne: Anytime, you :)

  6. loving the black booties in the middle photo


    follow if u like what u see?


  7. @Prutha: I love those booties too :) And I absolutely love the photographs on your blog, following it :)



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