Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Middle Eastern Influences

Hello people!
It wouldn't be entirely wrong if I said this semester has almost flown, but there were times when time almost stood still!(Read: Constitutional Law classes) :/ But the semester has dissolved into a whirlwind and I'm packing my bags to go home for doing an internship and spending quality time with family :) I love the last few days before I leave for home..they're always spent shopping, dining and wining, last minute packing..ah, the excitement! Thrift shopping in the city yesterday, I chanced upon the PERFECT(and thats an understatment) kind of harem pants for classic Indian October weather. They're not only uber comfortable and floaty, they have the most gorgeous Indian prints. Take a look.
Love the camel print :)
On another thought, as a part of our end semester tradition dinner, I tried the delicious most thing they could ever make for vegetarians at one of my favourite restaurants. Its called Parmigiano.
Thanks for all the love and appreciation you'll have shown towards my blog. A month old blog and I already have a 2nd blog award to my name. And I have Emilie of Life is Royalty to thank for this :)
As the tradition goes, I have to first mention ten things I love, pass it on to ten other bloggers who will mention me in their blogs and pass it on to their favourite blogs. So here is the list of ten things I love:
  1. Shoes
  2. Cupcakes
  3. Books
  4. Perfumes
  5. The color Pink
  6. Coffee
  7. Stockings
  8. Ballet flats
  9. Italian cuisine
  10. Shopping
I would like to pass on the award to:
  1. Walk of Fashion
  2. Sketchbook Six
  3. My Little Fashion Diary
  4. Front Row Mode
  5. Candid Couture
  6. Delance Fashion
  7. Don't Shoe Me
  8. In D.C. Fashion
  9. Lee Oliveira
  10. Its Uber Chic 
Well deserved my lovely bloggers! :)
Tell me all about your week and keep the comments rolling in!


  1. THANKS SO MUCH!! I will be giving much love to you on my blog soon.
    You and your blog are fabulous.

  2. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things.. Congratulations on your 2nd blog award darling.. :) I love the floaty cotton harem pants too! :) Oh and your dinner looks yum.. In fact, I may just take a bite out of it.. :)
    Keep them coming :)

  3. Congrats on your award..very cool!! Im a vegetarian..the food looks awesome:)

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    Statements in Fashion Blog

  4. OMG! This means the world to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

  5. Thank you so much :D You're really sweet <3

  6. WOW..I am flattered, thanks a lot.
    And yes... Your blog is also fantastic!
    Kisses from Sydney..
    Ps.. Yummy food..;/D

  7. r those camel harem pants? I WANT! ... and who doesn't love cupcakes and shoes?! *teehee*

    PS - GIVE-AWAY going on - just wanna spread the love!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  8. LOOOVE on those pants. Printed pants seem to be becoming a staple this summer. Loves it.

    xo S

  9. love your blog! i'm a new follower! hope you can follow me back! xo

  10. Congratulations for yet another award ! :)
    Keep these fab posts those harem pants!

  11. im vegetarian too and that looks amazing!


  12. @Miranda: Thanks so much!:) You deserve it :)
    @Isabel: Well deserved :)
    @Ankita: Thank you! :) You should buy a pair yourself :D
    @Front Row Mode: You deserved it:)
    @Collette: It was yum :) I did enter the giveaway
    @Johanna: Many more to come:)
    @Delance Fashion: Awww! XX
    @Erika: Great blog you have there! :) Thanks! :)
    @Lee: Thank you :D
    @Watermeloncrush: oh I'm loving these pants this summer:)
    @Luna: Thank you! :) Sure!
    @Inky Pinky: Thank youuuu! Yeah, they're perfect for the Indian weather :)
    @Zarna: Sure it was :D

  13. Lovely prints!
    Congrats on your award!


  14. Oh gosh that camelprint is AWESOME! :D

  15. the food looks super delicious, and i want it now :)
    congrats on your award mama!

  16. @CC: Thanks Darlin'! <3
    @Jutta: I knowww..right? :D Follow the blog for more :)
    @StylishedForever: It was delicious :D Thank you so much! :) Follow the blog for more :)

  17. wow.. wonderful blog and congrats on your award.
    now following your blog.
    please check out and follow my blog.

  18. Beautiful! Congrats on your award!

  19. these harem pants are amazing! i especially love the camel print :} congrats on your award!

  20. Thanks for the award! I am obsessed cupcakes and shoes too. :)

  21. @Fashionphoenix: Thank you so much! :) Love your blog, check my comments :)
    @Katie: Thank you Katie :) Why don't you follow my blog for more ?:)
    @Diana: Thanks a ton Diana :D
    @CC: Well deserved and who isn't? :D
    @CMA: Thanks! Thats so encouraging :) Why don't you follow the blog for more?
    @Grace: Thanks so much :)



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