Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nirvana in Pondicherry

The weekend getaways are my method of regaining my zen mode. What can some sun, sand, beaches, french food, some shopping not do. It can work wonders if you ask me. So when I found this little pop-art kitsch boutique on the Rue Suffren Street of Pondicherry, my joy knew no bounds. It was hard to say which one was I happier with, my supremely kitsch buy from the store or all the pictures I took to share with you guys in a post for the store.
The store goes by the name of Nirvana and is run by a sweet French lady who has been a resident of Pondicherry for a long while now. The graffiti on the walls outside the store shout out the theme and the insides are not disappointing either. From bags to wallets, tee shirts to cushions, little miniatures of autos, small pouches and almost everything you can kitschy-fy, you are bound to find here. The prints include old bollywood and tollywood scenes in digital colors, blingy-fied with sequins. The most popular and my personal favourite is a print of a cover of Raj Comics, which were a hit with all kids when I was growing up. To me, such pop art, kitsch bobo style of fashion signifies, India's being. To having witnessed all these milestones of India's being and now seeing the same imprinted on articles as objects of fashion is the portrayal of fashion as a phenomenon which goes way deeper into our roots than it appears to on the surface.
Yep, thats me squinting in the sun.

The biggest incentive to drop in at Nirvana if you're scaling Pondicherry is that it doesn't cost a bomb to add this dash of quirkiness to your fashion quotient. Beginning from Rs.250, you can find a piece of Nirvana to take with you back home.
Much love, ladies :)


  1. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things: I loooovvvveee the pictures of this store! :) Its one of the funkiest and jazziest stores I've seen :D Give us more on your look! :D

  2. That store looks so very interesting!! I've heard that Pondicherry has quite a few of such cute little stores :-) BTW, what did you get from there?

  3. You lucky thing. I'm yearning for another getaway soon. :D
    Cute store. It's soooo colourful. Love that second last pic of the bag.

  4. such a colorful n creative collection..n affordable 2..!!!

  5. Oooh! The store looks aweomse!! And such cool stuff!!! My Kitsch-loving soul is in awe! <3

    Can't wait to see the stuff you've picked up from there! :)

  6. awesome store! awesome stuff!!
    hope you enjoyed your trip...you look really cute in that first pic :):)

    and YES, I'm back to blogosphere :D

  7. What a wonderful shop! did u buy anything!? SHOW!

  8. Hey, love the post! :D

    Looking forward to more posts! :D

  9. Hey! Real good find, that store!
    I wish I'd been old enough to do some shopping when I last visited Pondicherry...that was when I was 10 :P loved the peaceful non-commercialized beaches though...hope you had lots of fun :)

  10. Damn, I'm surprised. I've been to Pondy so many time but i've never been here. :-/ Must check it out. Looks lovely.

  11. Loved the Tamil writing on one of the bags...so awesome!



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