Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Garnier Tinted Eye Roll On

Its been a while since I did a review. Primarily because I do not do reviews of make up products half as well as some of the awesome make up bloggers around and also coz I enjoy apparel and accessories a little more :)
But, Garnier tinted eye roll on is one product which has me so hooked, you could swear it had caffeine in it!
Oh wait, it really does. Presenting to you, Garnier Caffeine Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roll-on which claims this:
  • Moisturising eye care and a cooling roller ball: refreshes & hydrates tired looking eyes
  • With mineral pigments it instantly covers dark circles
 On the first count, I'm not too sure of the cooling effect. However, it does hydrate puffy looking eyes and make your eyes look brighter. Your kohl is very likely to look so much brighter and better in general, if the area under your eyes is not puffy and discolored.
On the second count, it does work well for your dark circles. It might not do what a concealer does, but for everyday wear, its perfect coz a) Its available in shades for every skin tone (medium, fair, very fair), b)You can use very little and blend it in with your index finger and it blends in well, c) You do not necessarily need to use it with a make up base unlike a concealer.
Price: Rs.200
I think I will be using this one for a long while. For those exceptionally annoying college Mondays, work Mondays or any other week day, its a good bet.
Would you use it? Oh, wait do you already? :)


  1. that's nice that the product hydrates your eyes, you look fab in the last picture!

  2. I really really want to try this out! I've heard a lot of good reviews about it!

  3. Eye makeup does look waayyyy better when I've taken care of those dark circles...and yes, I already have it!!

  4. I'm gonna go get one of these ASAP!

  5. I am yet to get it..trying it soon..

  6. I've been thinking of using it ever since I saw the ad on TV....was waiting for a review......thanx for providing me with one! Am buying one soon!! :)

  7. i use this everyday without fail... I love it especially as it now comes in different shades.

  8. i need to try this! i really want a good eye cream.

  9. I bought this baby yesterday and yes its great for everyday wear! I've a feeling i'm going to use it to death. :)


  10. I wanted to try this product instantly i saw it on TV (and Vogue :p) Definitely gonna get it soon!! Thanks for the review :)

  11. thanks for the review! always been curious about this product :)

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  12. hey..i hav been meaning to try this product but everytime i go to buy it its out of stock...going by your review n no stock its safe to assume tht d product is gud...thx for gr8 review



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