Monday, March 21, 2011

My Spring Inspirations

Hello Lovelies!
Since I have ranted about Spring having reached the threshold, no end..I will just let these gorgeous Spring Inspirations do the talking :) I think it more than makes up for being MIA, you think? :)
Anything that looks so colorful..EAT IT.

Lacy cover, floral corset and those shoes. *Sheer love*

I need to find myself these. To go with a plain white Summer Dress.

My life's mantra. Coz food is too beautiful.

MAC+Pink=Spring love

Bright hued totes, messenger bags, the works
Photos courtesy: fashionsociety.tumblr, girlnextdior.tumblr
(Simply coz I spend wayyyy too much time on Tumblr)
I hope you guys had a lovely Holi. Tell me stories, send me pictures, love hearing from you guys :)
Also, welcome aboard all new readers :) It will do you good to join us on FACEBOOK too :) More news, more updates, more excitement :)
Till then, keep the love for fashion and other things alive!


  1. that cake looks soooooooo yummy!!


    House of Harlow 1960 GIVEAWAY at Illustrated-Moodboard

  2. Ahhhh.. I love them all. Especially the 2nd and third picture. The shoes!

    And I had a pretty boring holi. I don't like playing with either colours or gobaras!

  3. love that turquoise bag. I wanted this gorgeous salmon bag and was going to order it mom offered to buy it for me as a bday gift..only on the condition thsat i dont get the salmon color cos she hated it :/
    Now i regret listening to her...

  4. For the love of fashion and other things: Such beautiful colourful pictures! :) I love how much spring there is in the pictures. :)

  5. amazing pictures!! You're right tumblr can be so addictive, I really limit myself with it... :)


  6. I love these photos. when you find those shoes let us know :) I just adore the floral with the black background.

  7. Those heels are INCREDIBLE. I never think about prints on shoes, but these make me want to find a similar pair. I love spring!!

  8. I am so excited for spring also! I am ready to buy anything with floral print on it. Sadly I did nothing for Holi this year too busy with school hopefully next year!

  9. i want the shoes, the corset, the colorful cake...oh the cake! but seriously, i want those shoes. let me know if you find them!

  10. @PnB: Hahaha :D Moms will be moms :P Salmon is still not a color they think is 'pretty' :)
    @All of you who asked about the shoes: I'm on the look out :)



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