Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Summer with the Tees

I finally have something more substantial to show you guys. You really cannot blame me. If this blog was my let out for venting, I would post ten times around everyday. But hey, let me just show you the prettier, more fashionable side of things. And not bog you down with my worries of practical submissions, law school mid-life crisis, internship planning etc. Uhhh..wait, I am turning this blog into a let-out.
So very quickly, moving on :) Browsing through Mango a couple of days back, I saw their latest collection which included Slim-fit, stretch tees with *hold your breath* cartoon prints! So I'm not sure how exciting this is for most of you, but for me its like Christmas came early! :) I'm a big fan of graphic printed tees, tees with my favourite cartoon/comic characters and when Mango goes Disney, there's nothing that's stopping me from buying the stuff :)
I'm the proud owner of the cutest Mickey Mouse tee from Mango. No, I DO NOT think they're juvenile. They're super awesome :D
Happy Birthday Cuzn- met him for lunch and finally got around to wearing the tee :)
This is how I pick out clothes these days. Makes putting them together so much easier!

Please excuse the expressions, I was sulking for no good reason :)
The head gear is this colorful ribbon, woven thing with silver thingamajjiggys hanging from them. It complemented the off-white tee and blue of the cartoon print perfectly! Slightly beachy, but who cares :)
Tee: Mango, Tights: Random store in Australia, Cute crochet blue and lavender shoes: Auroville, Pondicherry, Headgear: Random (Australia), Green satchel: ASOS.
Like? Love? Tell me what you feel about cartoon-prints, graphic/comic strip prints on tees to beat the Sun :)


  1. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things: I absolutely lurve the outfit :) And that tee has to be the cutest tee I've ever seen. :) Loving the way you're bringing so much color to the outfit :)

  2. I love graphic tees...and I love disney the most :)
    thanx for telling that they are available at mango...

  3. That's a cute tee! Even I'm a big fan of graphic tees. I practically live in them :D Cute colourful tees with shorts for summer are my pick every year!

  4. Damn cute! u look like a school gurl :):)

  5. What a Cute-Tee :) You and the T :D I love the Color of the Bag, what an escape from the heat. The Ribbon tangled with silver trinklets, veryyyy pretty :D I love the entire ensemble. :) That 'Smack' made me blush in a good way. ;)

  6. oooh you look so cute!! I am personally not a big fan of graphic tees, but you styled it very well dear :)


  7. That tee is CUTE!!! :)
    And am so in love with your satchel.....hail ASOS!!!

  8. you look great. Love you designe!

  9. luv the tee, but i never buy tee from expensive places dont know why.. is that u UCB bag lying on the floor.. xoxo great blog!!

  10. I have to admit...I'm really picky when it comes to graphic T's....but that's the cutest Micky Minne tee ever!! :)

  11. the mickey tee is adorable on you. good luck with your law school mid life crisis!

  12. Thanks guys :) I will be trying some other looks with this tee soon :D

  13. I am a confessed Disney fan.Even at 21,I think I love my Spongbob more on television than my VH1 or Star World.=D.
    Zara adopted the same concept a while back,they had Mickey/Minnie hoodies for winters,and Yogi Bear Tees for summer.Adorable as hell.=).
    Oh!And if I have not mentioned it already.You look pwetty(pardon my lame Tweety impression!)

  14. Love the bag! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog! :) Following u!

  15. I will never forget that tee!
    You redefine cuteness, every single time dame! :)

  16. This is damn cute and also innovative.
    The perfect light look for summers. :)



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