Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reasons why I love home

Hello my festive folks!
You're damn right if you think that we in India are at all points of time in the year, indulging in some form of festivity or the other for our culture is a social fabric of diversity of festivals and celebrations. Its time for the Durga Puja and the Garba currently and although none of these festivities specifically apply to me, we have always believed in celebrating every festival with as much vigour, especially something like Garba( for my international readers: ) which is so colorful and loud and vibrant!
I have been visiting these garba or dandia as its more popularly known celebrations for the last few days and my mother and I put in a lot of effort to dress up ethnically for these parties. Best part of being at home? I get to call dibs on all of my Mom's jewelery or other unused pieces of jewelery that was bought for a reason but never used for the same. Its then that I found these old gold earrings with a diamond at the top and a pearl at the bottom and I just HAD to recycle these into my fashion cycle  with my ethnic outfit :) Take a look :)
And then the fact that I tried a darker shade of lip color which I haven't, well..almost Ever. It was this color I found in my mother's kittie, Maybelline-Great Wear Lip Color-Raisin, in case you're interested. I don't think I can ever pull off a matte lip color so I just had to coat it with some clear lip gloss from David Jones.( I love that clear gloss coz well, its super glossy, high quality sheen and pomegranate flavoured :) Good for daily wear.

I'm all geared up for my friend's engagement for now and then a month of hard work at my internship from the 20th in Delhi. Lots to look forward to before I head back to Uni. Tell me all, folks and leave me some blog love :D

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