Monday, October 18, 2010

My Best Friend's Uhmm..Engagement.

After a night of utter craziness and nostalgia, I'm blogging at 5 in the morning only to share with you what a wonderful affair my friend's engagement was. I had a wonderful time meeting all family friends and acquaintances and of course meeting my friend's fiance. Its still hard for me to digest that the girl I grew up with, braided hair with, built sand castles with (literally!) was on that classic Indian ornate stage, exchanging wedding bands with a man she was going to be with for the rest of her life. Its beautiful, it really is to look at the family of the little girl up there, all excited and anxious at the same time, simply because everything has to be PERFECT :) I remember the last text I got from her was in the evening when I was at the salon getting my hair done saying that she was nervous. I told her that it'll be perfect and she would be her gorgeous self. She was gorgeous and it was perfect :)
I'm sorry I was too emotional to click too many pictures but here is a picture of her with the would-be groom and a friend of theirs. Take a look :)
Perfectly color co-ordinated in pink with her diamonds to match :)

 My mother was my official photographer for the next picture so all credits to her incredible patience with me in getting the 'right' picture. Take a look :)
Diamond accessories, bracelet(gifted) and a watch by DKNY.

It was a glitzy night, sure but it made me realise how we all grow up. How relationships are ever-dynamic. How emotional an affair weddings are-especially for little girls who grow up :)
How Indian engagements and weddings are so larger than life with that fairytale component :)


  1. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things: You look super STUNNING. I love the whole look. Very chic :) And I soooo want to go for a wedding. Its been ages!

  2. oh Indian weddings are SOOO beautiful! I`ve seen several here in UK and they are truly gorgeous! Cangrats to your friend! i`m glad I`ve found your blog, I`m your new follower now, hopefully you might follow me back:)



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