Friday, February 12, 2016

Summer is coming-I

That title might give you the idea that I'm one of those people with that absolutely adorable knack of stating the obvious. Yes, I couldn't see outside my window and had absolutely no idea that winter is on a decline. Sunny? Are you sure? I'm so glad you could tweet about it and let us all who have been eclipsed clearly, know. Never mind the sarcasm. The title actually comes from my inherent love for summers and cotton. There is an unsaid beauty in the diaphanous cotton. Organic fabrics that let your sun kissed skin breathe. The backdrop of the succulents and just the joy of dipping my toes into the sun kissed mud. The song of the trees and the flowers and the merry floaty dresses make on my skin. Just languishing around in my beautiful  p é r o  clothing that brings forth everything the Indian summer stands for. If your heart yearns for the sunshine and that extended period of twilight that summer brings with it, then this series of photos might just be the drop of rain your parched soul looked for. 

Dress: p é r o
'Pyar' Necklace: Eina Ahluwalia

The beautiful photography and edits courtesy of the very talented Nayantara Parikh.

Watch this space for Part Deux.



  1. Cute dress and beautiful hair :)
    Maria V.

  2. Thumbs up for your blog, your dress and makeup is amazing :)

    My Life N Style

  3. ...wrote this poem after seeing this work.Great site you have here dear



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