Monday, February 22, 2016

The Anomaly story

What do you look for in your white shirt?
  1. Phenomenal tailoring
  2. A great design
  3. A beautiful fit
  4. Value for money 
  5. And if you are me, then the possibility of picking such a shirt in other great neutral tones
The reason I choose to emphasise on the white blouse apart from all the other well tailored goodness that the supremely comfortable label Anomaly has to offer is because I am possibly, still wearing it after having acquired it only a month back and probably having worn it 20 times already. (My laundry runs every day, just to make it clear!)
The clean, minimal vibe that Medha Khosla's label Anomaly aspires to embody does just that. The clothing makes me think of white textured walls juxtaposed with pieces of cool geometric furniture. While Anomaly brings forth my love for great design and beautiful muted tones, Kassia's great composition and photos that speak to you with all their elements does justice to all our forces coming together. The easy breezy styling and the play of light and shadows in the images would give you an insight into the brand's philosophy that we tried to showcase. 
While I dream of orange lollies, matte white manicures and dual toned sliders that prep my feet for the summer ahead, indulge in some AnomalyxFTLOFAOTxKassia Karr goodness.
Even the tan lines on my feet are so normcore, guys.

Shirt, trousers and blazer: Anomaly,which you can buy at their website ( now along with the option of their physical studio in Shahpur Jat. Also available on Facebook
Jewellery and bag: Photographer's own
Photography: Kassia Karr of Dear


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