Monday, May 9, 2011

Cheatcode to Beat The Heat!

The temperatures are soaring, the ice lollies are probably the only thing you have the appetite for, bring out those sunglasses and layer on that sunscreen..coz Summers are here :D I absolutely LOVE summer fashion! Coming from India, we hardly have ever had a choice..just the choice to make intelligent, stylish choices about what to wear, carry, eat this summer! :)
So this is my personal list of  TEN MUST-HAVES this summer to beat the madddddddddening heat, stylishly! A cheatcode for all my readers to appreciate and add on to their existing list! :D Hope you enjoy it :)
  • Maxi Dress: Fashion magazine, blogs, television, I think everyone has been crying their throat hoarse about how its almost essential to wear one this summer. I think I placed it first coz I still haven't found my perfect maxi dress. Although I am loving this certain striped one that Kim Kardashian is wearing here :)
  • Flora-Fauna Prints: Yes, thats what I'd like to call the mad burst of clothing with floral and animal+bird print. Its adorable and I think I had a blast picking some of these kinds of prints in Delhi last month. Wear it on dresses, shirts, skirts and even shoes. A good idea-try the smaller prints.
via fashion21.tumblr
Bird print kimono via
  •  Strappy Flats, Colorful Ballets flats and wedges in neon colors: Its Summer and a lot of people forego the ballet flat madness for the slinkier strappy flip flops. I personally cannot. Maybe coz neon green flats in the day and jewelled ballet flats in the night are almost quintessential, irrespective of the season:) And for those very summery-shoes people, try these orange yummy wedges. Perfect to dress in the Sun's colors to beat the heat :D       
Yellow strappy studded flats via
Canvas strap cork Wedges via Charlotte
  •  Colorful and Printed Bottoms: They are my personal favourites and the most comfortable way to beat the heat. Also, very easy on the pocket. Go for thrifted printed harem pants or palazzo pants in bright colors, with lacey-floral sheer blouses. 
  •  Quintessential White Dress: EEEEEeeeeee! Its my favourite part :D The quintessential white dress in cottons and sheers is a must-have this summer, like every summer! Also, try using an oversized button down white shirt with a belt this summer. The look is chic and androgynous at the same time :)
Offwhite lace. Thats the dream. via girlnextdior.tumblr
  •  Satchels and totes in tan color: With all the colorful clothing and neon colored shoes, its a good idea to carry over the tan colored totes and satchels from last season to these summers. Of course, if you're going monotone or light pastel on the clothing, you can always jazz it up with bright bags these summers. This is the look I'm hinting at:
Loving the sheer nudes and tans
  •  Coral Lippies and cheek tints: I could go on about these, but I shall just leave you with a thought. A clear, glowing face with coral lips scream summer. MAC, Body Shop, Clinique the options are limitless!
  •  Oversized Sunnies and classic wayfarers: Go all out with the sunnies this summer! White wayfarers, oversized Jackie-Os to fit your face, wayfarers with printed frames and get a hold of this..heart-shaped frames! This summer, let your sunnies do the talking :)
  • Bangles-chunky and not-so-chunky: This summer I see the foray of all sorts of gorgeous metallic bangles into the market. Chunky metal ones, pearly ones with swarovski, Plastic shiny ones..they caught my eye at Forever 21, Forever New, Accessorize and every possible high street brand. I'm personally going for a combination of the thick and thin metallic ones with the golden base, loving those :)
  •  Scarves: No. Scarves are not for Winters alone and they do not belong in our grandmothers' era :) I can't wait to add scarves to dresses of the most summery kind and with blouses and jeans. Also, scarves in the hair is a very chic idea. My favourite scarves in market right now are those at Accessorize. They're crazy pretty and they just, well..seem to be very me.
Ditsy lacery scarf

Both scarves via
Also look out for thrifted finds in the most
 gorgeous greens and blues and pinks.

I absolutely enjoyed putting together this very detailed cheatcode for my readers and I hope it was equally enjoyable and useful for all you guys :)


    1. Super tips. Now only to find those heart glares to complete your list :)

    2. This is an awesome one and the photos have me drooling!!! I absolutely love the off white lace dress, the kimono and MAC has never failed to fascinate me :) A perfect post that's gonna help us beat the heat in style ;)

    3. i want that crochet dress in my life!

    4. Gorgeous post, darling!
      Especially loving the florals!


    5. Amazing cheatcode :) I can't wait to try these things out. My personal favourite tip is the white over sized shirt and belt! I can't wait to try it out :)

    6. I want floral platform pumps soooo bad!!!

    7. Ahhh. I want everything in this post! I really need a tan satchel!

    8. great summary of what you really need for summer (maybe you should have mention a bikini too :p) Great post, as always - it made me realise I really really need to start looking for a white dress!!


      ps because you talk about the ice cream I want to go buy one, thanks :D

    9. Can never have too many sunnies in summer

    10. great list! i LOVE those zara trousers.. if only they had online shopping!! :(

    11. cool post !!! love the photos...

    12. Amazing tips.
      Thank you For the Love of Fashion and Other Things.=).These are pretty handy for the scorching summer without compromising on the chic factor.
      However,I can't find myself the perfect pair of Nude Pumps?Help please?

    13. You've put together the best things for the summer heat!!! Great list - have to start ticking things off it soon!! :)

    14. Now u made me rethinki if I really loved summers! :)

      Enter the Tangier Giveaway

    15. Loving the florals for spring& summer! Lovely picks :)

    16. Absolutely love the list!!Totally digging into all your picks..great work!!
      Thank u for visiting my blog and following :)

    17. Lovely Bottoms in Green. And Of course the White Shirt. Summer Shout! Pretty pictures, had me thinking how can I hate summers. Oh, and not to mention the bangles. :D :D

    18. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

    19. Florals, florals, florals!!!
      Palazzo and sunnies, i heart!
      Nice list!

    20. Thanks all :D I'm going to be ticking off from this list too :)



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