Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Tale of the Royal Dress

We all love a darn Royal Wedding, don't we? And I'm sure we can't get seem to get enough of it! All those tweets that were bombarding your news feed when the wedding was on? Yeah, that was probably my friend Ajay :) As someone who followed it all too closely, this is his guest post on the wedding dresses of the Duchess of Cambridge. I hope you enjoy his post :)

Kate Middleton today is probably one of the most beautiful and envied woman in the world. Well, after all she managed to bag the future King of England. She met her future king at St. Andrew’s University and so far it looks like a fairy tale romance. I watched the Royal Wedding on the 29th with a few friends at home. We were all waiting with baited breaths to see what this amazing lady who had so far graced us with an impeccable fashion sense was going to wear to her own wedding. When she walked out of that car on to the carpet outside Westminster Abbey all of us in the room even though it seems chronologically impossible, thought Grace Kelly had come back as Kate Middleton. The similarities in the dress were striking. The stunning V Neck along with the full sleeves made out of lace. Kate’s dress was designed by Alexander McQueen’s prodigy Sara Burton who I must say given the pressure did a brilliant job of keeping the secret and she kept with the traditional good luck rhyme of “Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue” The Traditional style of lacemaking, new diamond earrings, a tiara on loan from the Queen and a secret blue bit of lace sewn into the dress, to complete the good luck rhyme, very traditional I must say. In all I must say though I have reservations about how chic the look was she did look stunning.
Grace Kelly-the bride
I was expecting the Duchess of Cambridge to have a slightly more modern look to the wedding and you know, maybe perhaps take a slight detour from tradition. She has shown herself to be absolutely up to date in the past and we were expecting maybe the strapless gown without the sleeves and the veil. I guess what I am saying is if they chose to update the vows why not the dress? Her evening look again by the same designer was much more chic and did indeed gain my approval. The fringed white shrug that accompanied the strapless evening gown and circle skirt added that little chic element, to show us. That even though the fashionable commoner is now the Duchess of Cambridge, she still has a dressing sense that’s more modern than medieval. Anyway it was a beautiful service and I had tears in my eyes when it was over. Here’s to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, God Bless Them.
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Feedback and opinions are always welcome :) Also, tell me if you would like more guest posts..I would love to post some write ups from my readers :)
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  1. Nicely written :) enjoyed it!!

  2. I agree--I also thought the dress was a bit too conservative and safe for a bride her age. But you can't make her look bad.

    I like Grace Kelly's vintage-style dress though.

  3. We do indeed all love a royal wedding and it's certainly a damn good excuse to party like it's 1999 all over again! If there was still a shadow of doubt as to Sarah Burtons sartorial skill, then Kate's dress sure as hell put paid to that! She looked every inch the modern princess and whilst Wills doesn;t exactly float my boat, I would marry anyone who would guarantee me a life of custom-made McQueen! X

  4. Very well written!! And this coming for a male(didnt I read a 'his' somewhere) leaves me highly impressed...keep more of such posts coming in :)

  5. I thought the dress suited her well...I mean her style is on the conservative side for an English lass...but maybe its cause she was dating royalty. It was perfectly elegant, classic, and carefully constructed...but it wasn't a 'Mcqueen' dress. It didn't have any of that unexpected wonderment that the Mcqueen brand embodies....I really hope this isn't the direction Sarah Burton is taking the brand...just my opinion.

    Love Grace Kelly's dress!!

  6. All the compliments to the 'he' :) Job well done Ajay! :)



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