Saturday, May 7, 2011

Outfit Post+Now You're Talking

For the third time in the day. You possibly could not have been such an ardent follower so as to be reading all the three posts..and well, if you are, I consider myself damn lucky! :) Back to the point, I will try and ensure that I make up for the lack of outfit posts and sometimes posts at all for the last one month :P
To begin with, my reader Swati M. asked me about styling options for hot pink tights that she owns. Keeping in mind she is a conservative dresser and not too much of an 'experiment-with-color' person, I designed this outfit post. Hope you like it Swati :)
The most basic and classic way of teaming up hot pink(or for that matter any bold hued tights) is to wear it with a solid colored tunic/dress/oversized tee. I'm a big fan of the tunic-tights combination myself! :) The best thing about this is that you can experiment with a lot of belts on it.
I have used a gray colored buttoned tunic from Vero Moda, teamed it with hot pink tights from Sports Girl, and worn my favourite Spring-Summer belt from Forever New and the floral print of the belt lifts the tunic too.
The shoes are no fuss, supremely girly gray round toed ballet flats from D&A with rosettes embedded with crystals. The necklace has a sentimental story but I shall spare you of the bleary eyed affair just with a note that Best Friend from school and I bought the same necklaces with the rose charms from Accessorize.

 Simplest way of styling the hot pink tights :) Simpler still, accessorize it right.
Note: In this crazy heat, avoid over doing the accessories and make up. Simple is good :)
I absolutely enjoyed myself doing this post and it was the best come back of sorts :D


  1. ooh love those tights. they'd make any simple outfit stand-out!

  2. Nice!! I love the flower pendant :)

  3. Love the outfit :) And the necklace is to die for :)

  4. Love love love those tights you have on girl!! And that pretty belt adds a nice touch to the whole outfit! :)

  5. lovely outfit..
    even I did my (first)OOTD post! I wld love it if you could come & check it out!

  6. I just loved the 'Rose' pendant. I also like the choice of color Gray that is, compliments the hot pink. Yes, simple is beautiful this summer :D :) Lovely post, just like you. :*

  7. love d whole outfit shreya..n u look pretty as always :)

  8. Thank you guys :D The tights are my favourite too :D

  9. I hope you went out in this outfit - you look fab!!! And so great that you give styling advice now, if I need help I'll let you know :p


  10. i am already following you
    do return the love by following back

  11. great...!!! evrytime i see u ..i think of ambika..(from ndtv goodtimes)...u resemble her alot...

  12. Gorgeous look, darling!
    Love those tights!


  13. Hello,
    I loved your blog, it's soooooo sweet!!
    I am already following you!!
    Can you follow me too please?? And if you dont mind could you follow the blog's twitter? @_justforgirls
    Alice Dias

  14. Hey nice blog..I am your new follower!! follow back??

  15. oh i've so missed your blog dear. this outfit is amazing on you, and your recent posts are making me hungry for some cheesecake.

  16. Gorgeous tights! Coordinated just right :)

  17. hey Shreya..thanks so much for the post...was on a vacation so read it just now :) it is definitely very helpful.....

  18. love the tights..very good fashion sense..:)



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