Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cheesecake Challenge-IV

And I'm back after a rest of a few hours. Unpacking can take a hike. I have more important things to do. Like tell you about the cheesecake from 'Big Chill'. I had tried their cheesecake once before this and I really could not recall what it really tasted like. However, it was on my list of places-to-go for cheesecake for all the Delhi bloggers and my friends were sure I would find my winner there. This is where the story gets interesting, I hope I didn't lose you :D
So there are a number of Big Chill cafes in Delhi. There is one in Kailash Colony, two in Khan Market, one in Select City Walk Saket. I think I covered them all. Back to the interesting twist. The cheesecake I did end up reviewing is from the bigger, fuller Big Chill in Khan Market. The cheesecake is yum. Without a doubt. Its cheesy, especially love the side of fresh blueberries that they serve it with. The base is perfect. What I did have an issue with however, is that the cake is too soft. Its almost sheer cream.

My rating for this particular cheesecake would be 3.75/5
Now for the twist. I also ended up devouring the cheesecake they serve at the smaller Big Chill in Khan Market. Sorry, no pictures. That, however was well set and chunky like a cheesecake should be. Not to miss, strawberry paste on the side and a sliver of a strawberry on top. If I had to rate that, it would be a 4.5/5
So you see how inconsistency within a restaurant doesn't really work wonders for it.
For the winner now? The cheesecake at the smaller Big Chill at Khan Market and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf both get a 4.5 and according to me are not be missed :)
Some other places to try cheesecake in Delhi: Mrs. Kaurs in Khan-also for crepes and waffles, Cafe Oz has a decent cheesecake..slightly sour cheese though..if that works for you.
I hope my Cheesecake Challenge was a success and all my readers thoroughly enjoyed reading up on these locations. All the feedback is welcome and of course, your experiences at all these places :)
More posts coming up :)


  1. Oh god, this is so going to be on my must eat places list! :) Thanks for the heads up, I'll definitely look for the smaller one :D

  2. Why must you always tempt me? :P
    Cheese cake for me too!

  3. Am impressed by the fervent ardour with which you followed the quest for the perfect cheesecake! Next time am in Delhi, I'll surely not miss out on the winners!!! :)



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