Monday, May 16, 2011

Nail Love

Greetings !
I was looking at my book and then staring in space for a while and then I stared at my hands for a while which reminded me that I forgot to review my most favourite nail paint of the season for my readers. Its the longest a crush on a nail paint has lasted, apart from the blood red of course. Nail paints are not even indispensable to me in my beauty regime but this nail paint actually makes me want to take some time and apply it on my nails. I do not possess the longest most sleek nails but I like to take care of them and keep them painted.
Presenting to you my peachy love from Colorama, Coral Chic.
This is the only nail paint which I have used more than once and gotten around to actually finishing half of the 8 ml bottle. The nail paint is a fine textured peachy shade with very tiny bits of shimmer to it which actually look beautiful on application. I am fine with the packaging too. Its comfortable to carry around, extremely portable for any bag size.

My only problem with the nailpaint is that its less in its consistency. I would have liked it to be slightly thicker coz one coat just doesn't cut it. Sometimes, you need 3 coats.
My love for the nailpaint still continues though. Also, because its so easy on the pocket. Rs85 for 8 ml is hardly a bad deal.

This is a double coat and as you see, there is scope to put another coat on it if you wish.
I still love coral chic and I think this is a color for the season. Also looking for some minty greens so if you have any suggestions you're welcome to share them with me :)
Tell me how you like the review and if you would try this shade yourself.


  1. cool springy color

  2. You know ive had the SAME problem with a very similar colour in the colorama range. its transparent and it bugs me to no end

  3. i love d color! would check out next time!

  4. this is a very girl color--super cute!

  5. I love the color! :) Its is sooo pretty and suits you :)

  6. Thanks ladies :) Let me know if anyone has ideas for the perfect minty green to buy! :)

  7. Love the nail colour. Thanks for visiting

  8. Love this color, it reminds me of watermelon. You might try Opi, I know they had some Minty greens earlier in the season.

    xo Mary Jo

  9. AAhhh nothing better than red nails!! Love it

  10. I have the same shade and I love it too!

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  11. What an adorable colour! xxx

  12. I knowwwwww right? Except I'm facing another issue with these nail paints, which is that of extreme peeling off :/



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