Monday, January 31, 2011

I have a pocketful of Sunshine :)

Its Monday and what better a mood pick up then a dash of yellowwwww! :) Apart from the obvious reason that yellow is the color to reckon with, circa Spring collections 2011 :)
I stepped out for coffee, almost a staple for the body around 6 pm. Its like the body starts sending you signals. Its like I would collapse without a shot of caffeine. Ah, such is the world we live in. Its hardly an addiction we can de-addict ourselves from.
Back to more interesting stories, after my shot of caffeine, it was time to head to my favourite bookstore in the city. Blossoms is a small book house that has been around in Bangalore since 2001 and yet, it has the appeal of a book house so ancient, you would think it had been here forever. Maybe its the fact that you're very likely to find some ancient, rare copies of books here..complete with the yellow pages et al. The best part is that they also sell second hand books at throw away prices along with the bestsellers of course. You can sit and browse for hours and they won't shoo you away. My haven. So at Blossoms I picked for myself the 1st Volume of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, a movie that I've thoroughly enjoyed but weirdly enough, I had never gotten around to reading the books.( Random fact about me: I am an ardent lover of classic literature) I'm also a believer of the fact that most books-turned-movies can never do enough justice to the books. They might be really good, but its just never 'good enough'.
Wearing a yellow tube top with a pair of skinny tights, I threw on a favourite white woolen cover from Tattoo(Australia), a pair of golden ballet flats and a bag from street shopping in Sydney. My favourite addition to the outfit? An old chain intertwined with white net necklace that I'm wearing as a wrist wrap here. Tip 101: Try wearing your pieces of jewelery in unconventional ways, for instance a small necklace can always be worn as a hair accessory. Tell me what you think :)

Posters for plays, art exhibitions, book launches etc :)

My copy of Les Miserables :)
Share the love! :)


  1. I love such quaint old bookstores/libraries more than the modern ones! I could just live there forever! :D

    love the woolen shrug...
    am going to Sydney in feb for a month.. would appeciate if u could tell me some places to shop there :)

  2. Ooo loving that bracelet! I was in Les Mis 5 times, my all time favorite show!! Just became a follower of yours, loving your blog! Come visit/ follow me! velvet cupcakes

  3. Love the yellow peeping out from underneath the white......also like the way you've worn the bracelet!!

    You in Bangalore?? I just came back form there yesterday!

  4. Wow! That looks amazing! Much more interesting then your conventional book store! I'll be visiting Blossoms the next time I visit Banglore, thanks for sharing! xx.

  5. cute outfit, really like the yellow shirt X

  6. Love the look and how its accessorized..:) And the necklace around your wrist is neat :)
    Also, I love blossoms! :)

  7. yellow is s such a great colour!

  8. i love blossoms too :)
    and you look effortlessly cute in the pictures

    P.S. wearing a neckpiece as a bracelet - i do it too :)

  9. I loved your woolen cover :) its super pretty !! You stay in india??

  10. I have seen the play of Les Miserables and I loved it.
    Should I read the book?
    lee x

  11. I think the yellow looks good on you!


  12. oooh la la, love the outfit dear!! That books store looks pretty awesome, I don't think there are book stores like that around here!! And Les Misérables is a great book - random fact about me: I love classic litterature too :D And I do agree with you that the books are always WAY better then the movies (stupid example but Harry Potter movies don't even come close to the books, altough I must admit I'm not the bigges HP fan).
    And of course: thank you thank you thank you for mentioning me on your facebook, I don't have it unfortunately, or else I would mention you too :)


  13. love your bracelet!!


  14. I like that first bracelet. Did you make it yourself? Very clever contraption :)

    Castle Fashion

  15. it's definitely true that a lot of movies based on books don't turn out quite right (i.e. The Lovely Bones). i actually have to get back into my reading grind this month!

    love the red top and the images with the bookshelves are so cool.

    Oh to Be a Muse

  16. This is amazing! Looks like a great treasure trove x

  17. Les Miserables is on my list too, loving that bag with that yellow n shrug combi! Can you please tell me where this book store is located?

  18. Hey Vinitha, thanks a lot :) The book store is called Blossoms and its located on Church Street in Bangalore :)



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