Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Inspirations

You know you've had a boring Saturday when even Sunday evenings(i usually start dreading Mondays by then), excite you :) The city life is back to normal. Giveaway: The public conveyance is up and running. And the tiny coffee shop under my house is up and running again, yay. So while you up and about fashionistas, who've been having jet setting Saturdays are now soaking in the calm of Sunday, here's some food for thought for you.
My latest fixation is checking out blogs on tumblr. And take my word for it, Tumblr has some absolutely picturesque photo blogs. They're an absolute delight to look at and browse through. Its true, a picture speaks a thousand words. So for those calm Sundays when all you want to do is regain your calm and composure for the MAD week ahead(I know I have a crazy week to look forward to), these picture inspirations might be just the therapy you need ;)
via fashionsociety.tumblr

via thegirlnextdior.tumblr (LOVE the slick title ;))

via thegirlnextdior.tumblr

via fashionsociety.tumblr

via thegirlnextdior.tumblr

Thats everything a woman needs for the perfect weekend. A scoop of nutella, a chick flick, the perfect shoes, chic looking brogues, a stylish black jumpsuit. And with that I'm all set to go.
Much love fashionistas!


  1. ~Love the pictures :)
    Those shoes are gorgeous xx

  2. omg...that cookie...its making me drool..i couldnt concentrate the rest of the post because it was so yummy having an absolutely crappy saturday and sunday...

  3. love the inspirations, and love Nutella too :D


  4. nice pics :) ...i love to spend lazy Sundays watching chick flicks!!

  5. Ur sunday inspirations are refreshing enuf to put my mind off the impending monday blues for a while. Great pictures!

  6. Nutellaaaaaaaa! I've just about eaten a huge piece of cake and now you show me pictures of cookies and nutella. You are an evil, evil girl!

  7. I dread Sunday every week! It's way too close to Monday! But those shoes in the last photo could definitely make my Sunday woes disappear!
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  8. I have been checking out tumblr ever since i saw this post...omg yr right...very absolutely crappy weekend had a little shining light

  9. I love nutella. I recently cut it out of my life and I've been miserable x__x It's like heaven in a jar; things like that shouldn't exist!!

    Castle Fashion

  10. Thanks for your lovely comment!
    Great pics ...I love the sneaker with the gold studs..cutteee

    Yea sure maybe we can follow each others blogs!
    We are now following you.
    Hope you'll follow us too.

  11. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Love those platforms!


  12. tumblr definitely has some great photo blogs. that cookie is making me hungry.

  13. Love tumblr (check me out :-D)

    That nuttella and cookie sandwich looks yummy! Along with the shoes!

    Check out my blog and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  14. Yumm cookie sandwich..!! I love 'Pretty Woman' and julia in it..and congratulationssss.!!



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