Friday, January 14, 2011

Shoes of Prey

Ever wondered what it would be like if you had the finest silk and leather at your disposal to craft the shoes of your choice? I did and then I chanced upon Shoes of Prey and believe me readers, its a dream come true. There is a wide range of shoe styles on display, be it pumps, pointy shoes, boots, ballet flat, brogues, slingbacks, you name it and you can find it on the website. And then what, I hear you say? There is the brilliant option of 'customize' and as unexciting as that sounds, its quite the opposite. Play with every aspect of the shoe. From the toes to the shoe panels to the heels. There are some of the most gorgeous colors of teal, turquoise, standard black-white-blues,  fuschia, purples, lavenders, almost any color you can dream of on your shoe. Put them in any, yes, any combination you wish to. In soft leather, sequinned detailing, suede, fish skin, italian silk are some of the exclusive options for your pretty feet. This is a shoe I created and I thought I should share it with you.
The description of the shoe as provided by the website reads: Wide rounded peep toe. A big, multi-layered bow that perches neatly on the back of the ankle of the shoe. 3.5 inch heel & platform. Finished with two small Italian silk rosettes. Doesn't that sound delicious?
The light pink rosettes are made of Italian silk and the purple-pink bit is in soft leather. The white panels of the shoe and the covering on the heel is in genuine fish skin.
You can also purchase stunning shoes from the website without customisation of course. Lets look at some of their stunners right here.
They deliver worldwide and if you have a big, fat budget to indulge yourself endlessly, then this is your one stop website.
WARNING: This website is super addictive and one is likely to spend endless hours experimenting with materials to create shoes of dream-like quality. You have been warned.
Tell me what you think of the website, my design and the review.
Much love, fashionistas.


  1. Thanks for introducing this amazing site! You are so true.. It is addictive I have not stopped from the moment I have opened it.. love it totally! However, I do wish they had boots as well... I love boots...
    & yes I pretty much like your design, pink and the tiared behind.. like it..:))


  2. check out what I made

  3. I love it! <3 It's absolutely ADDICTIVE! You know how I love to sketch and this has got me hooked. :D Amazing Site and A Lovely Blog to keep me updated! I love the Design You did, especially the multi-layered Bow! I want to see it on your foot though, for real! :) :)

    Blessed Be! Keep Writing!

  4. This looks fun! I also discovered, which is similar. Love being the designer!

  5. I was introduced to this first by youtube gurus...and i was obsessively on this like designing my dream shoes. Its so fun .wish it were more affordable though !!!

  6. Dats so cool!!! Its an amazing find...Customised shoes would be a dream come ur design as well :)

  7. customizing your shoes sound great! love the rosettes.

  8. Customized pink shoes? I'm in love with the design. The details and color is fabulous. Thanks for sharing it here. I hope to find awesome customized womens shoes online.



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