Monday, January 10, 2011

A Little More

Sometimes, you just wish you could have a little bit more. A little more to eat, a little more to drink, a little bit of a longer laugh..a little more time around people you love.
And so when Ay comes visiting, and all of us friends get together to go out and paint the town red, all you can wish for is for a little more time together, a little more merry..just time to go catch one more movie, just a little more time.
But amidst all of this, the VFX artist is almost like the guest blogger for this post because all the pictures have not only been shot by him, but also the fancy artwork is entirely his work. This post is the portrayal of what men go through when women decide to 'get dressed'.
The turquoise blue one-shoulder number is from Avocado, the white skirt is from Benetton, the peacock necklace and the feathered hairband are both from Accessorize.

Feathered hairband-Accessorize
Forever New sequined clutch with the peacock necklace from Accessorize

The grey patterned tights

 So take it from me, a woman getting dressed to step out makes for the greatest muse..sometimes without her knowledge of the same. Add to it somebody to do glitzy artwork for you on your pictures, what you have in hand is the perfect home photo shoot. I love them. Do you?
 I'm sorry for the delay in checking out all your blogs and the sudden fall in comments. A couple of days, I'm getting there :) Till then, check out my feature by the awesome Button Owl on her blog here and share the love on facebook by joining my page for all the news and updates! :)
Much love


  1. hehehehhehe- so totally agree.
    even my hubby gets all stressed out wen i take ages to get ready... LOL

  2. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things: Amazing Pictures! You should totally appoint Ay as your official photographer! :)
    Also, I love the outfit and the accessories! Very stylish!

  3. @Eve-o-lution: haha! In my case, these are just my friends :)
    @Ankita: Thanks bro! :D

  4. loving the one shoulder and the color really suits you!

    i totally agree with always wanting "a little more" - i love that you wrote about it!

  5. fab pics..loved d dress n accessories..

  6. waauw nice pictures!! I love your outfit (the blue works for you :p) and your clutch!!


  7. To be honest with you.. I am also really but really bad to get ready..
    I take forever.. i mean forever! even my dog goes to sleep tired of waiting for me.. hahahaha

    Love the pics and looks like you were going to a party..
    Love it
    Lee x

  8. Love the pics, cute cute cute one shoulder!

    Follow my blog!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  9. Ooohh! I LOVE the treatment of those snaps!!! :)
    You looking gorgeous......though that has nothing to do with the fact that you have my fav shade of blue on you! :))

  10. These photos are so cute! Like something out of ELLE :)

  11. Gorgeous look, darling!
    Love that top!


  12. awesome clutch :) happy 2011 xx

  13. your clutch is so pretty,i m samridhi frm

  14. As you know from my post on feather hair extensions, I am in love with feathers! I especially love this headband of yours!!! Thank you for your comment, it always brightens my day :)

    xoxo, Summer

  15. Love that blue top on you! and it's so nice going out with friends.. and yes, only if we had more time! It goes so quick!

    Happy new year!


  16. i love your peacock necklace :)

  17. The pictures are great and you make the perfect muse! Nice outfit..

  18. totally loved this post. one of my faves on your blog.

  19. Love your clutch!
    The whole outfit is nice!


  20. Nice one!your photos are extremely amazing can I have some photos of you?I'll make a posters. hehe



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