Sunday, January 16, 2011

Now You're Talking

Hello lovelies,
Its weekend and A Lot Like Fashion is having a field day catching up on E-goss and reading, in general. At this point of time, I should probably let you know that I'm a big fan of the lazy-dazy Sundays. My agenda usually includes curling up in bed with my laptop, catching up on E-goss, reading books, watching movies with endless cups of coffee. Me thinks its the feeling of having so much leisure time on your hands on a Sunday that makes it so special. Ok, for those of you waiting for me to get to the sensible part of the post, I think its time I take the new big leap as a fashion blogger. I present to you my new weekly column, 'Now You're Talking'. Quite fairly to its name, its where, you my dear readers talk. Now I don't claim to be able to wax eloquent about every do and don't of fashion, under the sun like my personal favourites Tim Gunn and Stacey London. What I however, can do is put together outfits, give you tips on where-to-find those much coveted clothes/shoes/accessories, answer queries on my personal fashion etc. So fire away folks, any query you might have about fashion, my personal style, a style you might want to try, what your options could be, where to find etc. So what sets Now You're Talking apart?
I will accompany the post on each one of your queries, with relevant images. The images could be from my personal possession, celebrity pointers etc. This is in order to answer your query in as much detail as possible. This does not end here. If you indeed, do take my advice and use the style reply for yourself, you can mail me back images of how it turned out or in case you found something you were looking for, mail me images of that and I shall feature it. See, this makes it so much more transparent and I get better reader satisfaction. Ok, now I just sound like a cheap advert :/
Back to the point, you can address your queries to
The week begins tomorrow and on any one the days of the week will I post Now You're Talking, depending on when your queries trickle in.
Till then, enjoy this shot of Tim Gunn(he is the REAL style guru and there's no other quite like him) with Taylor Momsen after he lambasted her for her BB-addiction habits! She doesn't look too happy does she?
Project Runway, anybody?
Stacey London lives with her 300 pairs of shoes and a cat. The best part about the 'What Not To Wear' diva? Her spontaneity :) It also helps that shes gorgeous, of course!
Also, follow me on twitter readers. (Its my new thaaaaaang) :P Trickle in those style queries!
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  1. omg 300 pairs! I wish had so many:)

  2. thaaaaaaank you ♥

    wow' your blog is so adorable.. i really like it ♥
    first of all your header :* much loove

  3. Sigh!! Living with 300 pairs of shoes is soooooo my idea of heaven!!! :))
    Great initiative by the sure the whole thing's gonna be rocking!!! :)

  4. wow 300 pairs... I'm not there yet haha :p I don't know her though, I never watched Project Runway, but maybe I should start... :)


  5. I can't wait for Project Runway to start again! I love this show so so much!! Tim Gun is adorable :-)xx

    ps: Thank you for your comment!

  6. i'm looking forward to your new feature. i love when blogs have features!

  7. i'm jealous of her shoes! :-)

  8. I'm going to love this new series!


  9. nice initiative! looking forward to some interesting posts!! :)

  10. Very very intersting...can't wait for the series to roll in!



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