Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ring in the New with the Floral

A very very warm wish for a Happy New Year is in order to all you fabulous readers from the desk of A Lot Like Fashion. Its been a tremendous year in more ways than one. This will always remain a year extremely special to me, for this when my blog was born :) (Uh-oh corny one-liner alert)
If you've gotten over that very cheesy beginning to a New Year, you might want to read further. I brought in the New Year, floral style. Kenzo's dark floral prints have set the runways afire and Dolce & Gabbana did some gorgeous florals too which included the most beautiful floral bags with the D&G Monograms, btw. Do you see me drooling? And my fashion forecast for 2011 is that florals are here to stay. Maybe its just a personal bias, (I have had a teeny weeny thing for florals for a while) but I'm going to be carrying forward the floral prints, out of this decade. Since both my NYE parties were house parties, I decided to go easy on the bling and having seen the turn out of the bloody weather, I decided to try a layering look too.
The dress is a Bardot and was a gift from a friend in Australia and I love the colors used in the floral print(which make a LOT of a difference to me). I decided to wear purple suede stilettoes and a pearl necklace with a big purple satin rose(By now I'm sure you've figured that I also have a thing for roses). The white bow hair clips from Mimco with little detailing are my favourite addition to the outfit.
Instead of freezing my posterior off in just the dress, I decided to try two looks with it. A lovely way to layer in this brutal winter is by using wraps or shawls and more so, the authentic Pashmina shawls(go raid your Mothers' closets). I picked this old piece from my Mom's closet.
The other look is with my classic black Esprit jacket which you saw here. The bag is one of my all time favourite Black party bags and is from Playboy.
For all the happy moments, the sad ones, the mad ones and the sour ones, the eccentric ones, the mundane ones, the mundane-turned-special ones, the light ones, the brooding-pensive ones..for all those and more, I'm glad 2010 happened :)
Do NOT forget about the Gossip Girl giveaway happening right here and enter yourselves quickly before the 7th of this month to run a chance of winning that little darling ;)


  1. I love your dress and the way that you layered it!!! Great job! :)
    Happy New Year, doll!!!


  2. beautiful dress!

  3. love your dress! followed you :)


  4. I love the pashmina touch to the dress, though I would think twice for wearing two prints together... But I like how you pulled it off and definitely a must have this winter, the shawl is a thumbs up.


  5. Ooh, you look absolutely stunning in florals! Happy, Happy New Year!! :)

  6. Little floral dresses are something I can't get enough of. I hope this look is here to stay.

  7. Love the whole look.....very well put together!! Happy New Year!! Have a rocking 2011!! :)

  8. I simply adore the second look...florals are amazing to kick start the new year! Very Chic and very Pretty!

    Happy New Year! :)

  9. Gorgeous dress, darling!

    Happy New Year!


  10. i like this dress so much..
    the pattern on it really great :)
    you look fabulous in this dress..

    love your blog,
    i'm your new follower
    come and visit my blog..
    hope you can follow me back:)


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  11. that dress is really beautiful on you - florals are definitely here to stay :)

    happy new year!

  12. u look so pretty- loved the floral dress :) and ur shoes... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    subbing u :D

  13. Elle est magnifique cette robe, et tu l'as portes très bien.

    Bonne année 2011

  14. Super cute dress, and those hair clips are so fun :)

  15. Thanks so much everybody! :) hope everybody had a stunning NYE!

  16. hey love the dress and the way you paired it with the jacket....:)



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