Friday, January 7, 2011

The Art of Starvation

NO, before you think this is a post on how to starve and diet yourself to death, let me clear the air. When my friend sent me a link to a news post by Daily Mail Reporter on the death of the Anorexic model Isabelle Caro due to Anorexia, I knew this was something I had to write about and share with my readers. Isabel was a French model and actress who died at the young age of 28. On her blog she mentions that she was suffering from anorexia ever since she was 13 because of a difficult childhood. She did the campaign for an Italian fashion brand for young women called 'Nolita' where she posed naked to display to the world, the effects that anorexia had had on her body due to which her vertebrae and facial bones are protruding in the pictures. The reason behind an off beat ad campaign like that? I would say to project to the world what the stereotypes of fashion are doing to the world. The reason behind writing about something like this? Pretty much the same. As an individual who sees young girls around me actually change their lifestyle, not for the better, to 'lose weight' and fit in with their peers, I'm a very very concerned blogger. Would you believe me if I told you that there were chat rooms found which actually advised you on 'how to hide your purging habits from your family'? Its shocking, not because of how the adolescent or even adult women decide to act upon such brain blocks but more so because there are prevalent in our society, very cliche and stereotyped opinions on what is beauty and what is 'sexy' or 'fashionable'. I remember this incident from school where a junior suddenly started bunking meals and in a few months time, she was quite literally floating in her uniform. On being asked she retorted with a very matter-of-factly answer, "My mother wouldn't stop taunting me about how fat I was as compared to all her friends' kids, what was I to do?".
Anorexia as a disease is basically grounded in a mind set. If you're going to believe you're FAT and hear it from your family, peers and other are likely to believe so. And according to me, therein also lies the solution.
Without being too preachy, let me tell you about the conceptualization of an International No Diet Day which is a celebration of acceptance of your body shape and type and also understanding the diversity as regards the same. May 6, be sure to wear this around and you're sure to get at least a few people to understand the gravity of the problem.
I believe that the pen is exceptionally strong. It really is a very forceful mechanism to get a word across. So if you really believe in this cause, share this post, talk about this cause, write your own post. Or just wear the blue ribbon to support it.
Much love.


  1. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things: This is a very well written post. It gets one thinking why our self esteem is so easily affected by what people think of our body types? Is the world actually that shallow? Or is fitting into the stereotypes of society the only way to feel better about us? I'm glad all this blog doesn't deal with is fashion and pretty things but also the core issues of what the fashion industry is turning into.
    You have my support, I'm going to be sporting the blue ribbon on the 6th of May for sure.
    Its refreshing to see where fashion bloggers discuss the latest trends and those oh so pretty earrings SJP is wearing, there is someone who believes the harsh reality of this industry should be written about! :)
    P.S. I feel better about my body type for sure and I'm sure so will others!

  2. I loved your post and I must say that this is one of the things which needs to change in people....there are people who do not get things to eat and when we get ample of food, we avoid it to lose weight.....I have seen Isabelle and I was could see the bones and everything...there was no body left...I was already of a mind to do a post on it too...

  3. This post is so true. Thank you for being up front and honest about a subject so many people choose to ignore. I've known so many girls who have had eating disorders that adults chose to ignore saying its a phase. I think you're right about society's idea of fat being the root of the problem. Girls need to realize that a size 0 may not be normal for them. I think the idea of the International No Diet Day is a great idea and will definitely be participating.


  4. Thanks for posting about this. Normally I don't believe in things like wearing ribbons (seriously what is wearing a pink ribbon going to do for people with breast cancer or a red ribbon for people with AIDS?) But now I'm thinking it's not a bad place to start since the idea is to show some sort of solidarity and remind women with eating disorders--or potential eating disorders--that we all face that same kind of pressure. And that we should all reject it, or at least not succumb to it until that pressure rules our lives.

  5. Excellent post! Social perception and the desire to be universally accepted can make people take extreme steps, and they are not always for the better. And it doesnt help that the perception of beauty is highly propagated by photoshopped models and so called size-zero figurines. Its really endearing to find a blogger concerned about such issues.
    Great work! I remember studying anorexia and other eating disorders during my Psychology classes, and was quite surprised to find that most of these eating orders are a result of a misguided sense of self. You might want to share this with your readers. Its one of the most shocking but at the same one of the most brilliant ads I have come across:
    Keep up the good work

  6. I'll be wearing a blue ribbon sis, but I have another message to share on your blog!

    Now, I believe in eating everything BUT in moderation (Now, all us girls have some things we simply cannot resist or control and for myself, thats chocolates :P) coupled with regular exercise (of any shape or form, could be something as simple as taking a walk).

    So, I'll be wearing a blue ribbon but wanted to voice the idea of balanced, good nutrition food along with exercise on your blog as obesity is just as scary as anorexia/bulimia.

    P.S: If anybody gets a chance, please watch an episode of the show "supersize vs super skinny" - it opens up your eyes to both extremities of eating disorders.

  7. What a really thoughtful thing to write about dear! You are absolutely right about today's youth being obsessed about their weight/figure! I see my own li'l sis at home going bonkers if Mom serves her a bit more than her usual portion of rice, screaming that she'll go fat if she eats more!! I much difference can 1 spoon of rice make??? Me & my parents always keep on telling her the cons of "dieting" & try to make her follow as much of a normal diet as possible. I myself am a self-confessed foodie.......& am proud of it!! My motto is "I live to eat" & NOT "I eat to live"!!! I'll definitely wear the Blue Ribbon with pride & share this lovely thought!!

  8. i think a no diet day is a great idea. thanks for sharing.

  9. Great post dear!!! Very important for the present gen trying to become razor thin!!!
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