Saturday, March 22, 2014

Four Seasons: Shiraz

I make no bones about my healthy love for wine. As much as I refrain from propagating any kind of alcohol on my blog (drinking is a personal choice and not one that I like to be responsible for influencing), red wine is an exception. In fact, it goes as far as saying that a little wine in the right quantities also has medicinal properties. While that might not be the reason that I talk about wine alone *clinks her wine glass*, I have a long time association with the Four Seasons Wines Division and I have never till date been disappointed. One of my favourite Indian wines, Four Seasons sent me a bottle of Shiraz this time around. The last review of the bottle of Merlot by Four Seasons can be accessed here. The Shiraz is a still red wine which is dry on the mouth. Not a wine connoisseur, I have definitely been experimenting a lot off late and The Shiraz is something that I am still acquiring a taste for. The fruity and spicy combination will definitely make it a hit as your Indian food accompaniment and I teamed up mine with some kebabs. I love the fact that Four Seasons is attempting (and succeeding quite a bit if I might add) to acclimatise the population of India to the culture and richness of wine. A thumbs up (maybe two) from me.

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  1. I love Four Seasons wines!! :)
    And their Shiraz has a beautiful flavour!



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