Saturday, August 1, 2015

Heard of PepperTap?

At the onset, let me start with a disclaimer. I am not a very domesticated person and even though I take immense pride in the fact that I am an independent woman who sets straight her own affairs, domestic chores are something I steer clear from. All the 'didis' and 'ammas' have played a large hand in spoiling me rotten so much as that I have not had to lift a finger to buy mundane household groceries ever. Like they say, there is always a first time. I was introduced to this app called PepperTap by the lovely folks behind the same and as an enthusiastic blogger, I was happy to take it on myself to write an honest review about their services. 
As someone who had never bought vegetables, fruits extensively all by herself, the mere idea of having the option of almost every conceivable vegetable or fruit delivered to my doorstep by a mere tap is very exciting. I logged on to the website (there is also the app now) and started adding a few essentials to my cart and with three easy steps it was done. I entered my phone number and address and chose the option of cash on delivery and it was done. There was the live tracking of the order and according to me that is an added benefit.
After a slight confusion on the part of the delivery boy, my order was at my doorstep within two hours, as promised. Post admiring some good looking yellow peppers, I decided to jot a list of pros and cons of the app for you:
1. Delivery made within the promised time of two hours.
2. Fresh looking produce, saving goofs like me the hassle of picking the good pieces from the bad in a supermarket.
3. Competitive prices
4. Great customer service
5. The best part is obviously the ease of access. You literally just have to move a finger.

1. The app is still undergoing technical development so slight errors lead to confusion. Given that they are relatively young, I believe that those can be readily fixed.
2. A few things that I had placed an order for were not available.

Given that the list of pros far outweigh the cons, I am going to be ordering my groceries and other household care items from them often. Are you team PepperTap?

Disclaimer: The reviews on the website are absolutely honest and are entirely based on my opinions and experiences. 


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