Thursday, October 27, 2011

Diva-li Rants

Season's finest greetings to all my readers across the globe :)
Here in the Indian sub-continent, the festivities begin with the advent of October and only end after ushering in the New Year. So yeah, simply put, its 3 months of absolute, unadulterated fun and festive cheer. Now who wouldn't like that? :)
For this slightly nippy occasion of Diwali where all you see as far as your sight takes you are lights and gleam, I chose to wear an outfit in the combination of Golden and Fuchsia. I broke the rules this time and absolutely refused to wear a full-length Anarkali. Yes, I know that is probably the most sought after style of kurtis today but after having succumbed to different versions of the same in the past, this time I put my foot down.
Maybe you should take a look yourself to decide ;)

My attempt at a Rangoli, like every year! :)
This ensemble breaks a lot of rules. Silver embellishments on a golden jamawar, golden bangles teamed up with silver ones but if you know how to do it, you can definitely pull a dull gold and a silver together.
Share your Diva-li rants with me, fashionistas <3


  1. Simply gorgeous!
    The golden fuchsia combination looks perfect on you and this festive season:-)
    P.S: you look adorable in picture 4!

  2. such a pretty kurta that is!
    I made rangoli too. Will be putting pictures
    check them out later :)


  3. Loved the 4th picture,you look adorable haha!

  4. i like how you do your own too :)

  5. love this - you look beautiful btw <3

  6. Oh you look SO pretty! :D :D I love those earrings and those Bangles! :D :D HAPPY DIWALIII!!! :D

  7. This is such a beautiful dress:) I'm so glad I found your blog! XO

    real girl, real body fashion:

  8. i love how you're breaking the rules and still looking fantastic!

  9. I'm tired of seeing all those lengths on everyone.....thank God you said no to an anarkali & went for this beautiful kurta. :)

    You've mastered the gold & silver combination, I must say! Hope you had a lovely Diwali!! <3

  10. Beautiful outfit...and that orchid is making ur look pop !



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