Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Serendipity: Beach Style

Amidst all the crazy ass commercial beaches and shacks at Goa, there lie the undisturbed beaches of South Goa. So as fun partying it up in North Goa is, I need to balance out my holiday zen by getting myself some me-time. Serendipity indeed when you find this beach just next to your resort. Silver sands, infinitesimal commercialism, the sun and the quiet. Just the perfect place to bum around and also get some nice shots with the new camera ;)
I did hit the Saturday night flea bazaar too but not with astounding things in my kitty thereafter. A lot of fun and a bunch of good memories though :)
Look out for the perfect denim tunic dress and the hints of neon in my Goa day 2 outfit.

Wearing: Denim dress: Forever New, Neon tote: Nirvana(Pondicherry), Necklace: Accessorize, Tan shoes: Steve Madden, Colorful hand wrap: Australia

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  1. I swear by the comfort and style of a denim dress on a holiday...Your accessories added that zing to the dress...Looking good!!

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  2. The dress is very cute....suits you very well!! And love the necklace too :-)

  3. i totally love ur hair n ur flawless skin..can't take my eyes off u n luk at d dress.. :P

    hair care n skin care regimen plz..

  4. You look great! Loving the beach wind blowing in the wind

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  5. You look absolutely great! The denim dress looks really nice.
    p.s: I love the fourth picture! Beyond Gorgeous!

  6. Loving that neon bag!!In love with neon's this season!!
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  7. I love the shoes - they look lovely! The holiday must have done you good - you look so refreshed !

  8. ADORE EVERY SINGLE PART OF YOUR OUTFIT. And that hand wrap is so awesome :)

  9. I <3 the denim tunic and especially the wrist wrap!<3 it

  10. Like the tunic.......and the bracelets.....& the nude shoes too!! <3
    That beach looks so perfect for unwinding......really need to get there soon! Sigh!!

  11. Love the gladiators and the bag :)



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