Friday, March 22, 2013

Playing stylist with Max

Lesson number One: Being a fashion writer and composing your own style is not the same as playing stylist at a store with real shoppers.
Now that I have the lesson out of the way, lets get to the fun part! Being a stylist is every bit as exciting as it sounds. The energy of styling people whose needs and aesthetics you need to understand in the span of a 5 minute conversation is overwhelming. Max Fashion gave me the opportunity to play stylist at their store at the Great India Place, Noida. There was a definite adrenaline rush for me considering this was my first real stint as a stylist (not counting all the times when I advice friends for free :P). The collections for Spring Summer are fresh and vibrant with a palette of beautiful summer hues and a varied use of fabrics. With interactions from styling a 10 year old to advising a lady in her mid 30s on skin care and weight loss, every conversation and engagement with the customers was a learning experience. I was quick to establish the fact that the average Indian shopper has some way to go in terms of opening their mind to the concept of 'fashionable shopping in a budget'. This is where brands like Max come in because they offer the latest trends and fashionable clothing to the masses at affordable prices. The average Indian shopper has still to exploit the market with wonderful options like Max available.

For absolutely spot-on trends and pocket friendly prices, Max Clothing is a must visit. A more detailed shoot of the outfit worn will follow next on the blog. Watch this space for more.



  1. You look gorgeous! I love the shirt. :)


  2. Can't take my eyes off your gorgeous hair! What's the secret??? ;)

    1. Aww :) No secret :D Shampoo, conditioner and also, moroccan oil :D

  3. You look lovely!! Can't miss those nails and ring :-). Please post the details soon!!

  4. I can imagine how much fun it must've been! Love ur outfit n how you combined polka dots and colored denim! I agree 100% about Max- trendy on a budget!
    Loved the shopping experience at Max when I was in India earlier this year:-)

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