Thursday, September 5, 2013

Clinique: all about eyes

The Clinique, All about eyes is one of Clinique's most popular eye creams. Suitable for all skin types, it claims to be a hydrating cream/get that diminishes the look of circles, shadows, lines and puffs. Also claims to extend eye make up wear. Easy to use, velvety touch cream that should be used day and night, even under make up.

Now on to what I discovered about this beauty product. While I cannot claim to comment on its effect on age lines, I have been using it for a week to work on dark circles and puffiness.
In my opinion, it does not substantially do anything to eradicate the dark circles and shadows. I did not feel a change even with regular use. Its easy to apply and dries off quickly and does temporarily work on the puffiness. I would suggest this as a product under eye make up because it serves as a sort of softening base that takes care of the puffiness.
So it comes down to these pointers:

  • Works on dark circles? No for me. 
  • Works on puffiness? Yes. At least temporarily.
  • Use twice a day for best results. Day and night.
  • Soft and easy to apply, easily gets absorbed so ideal under make up.
  • I am using the miniature version, the 15 ml jar comes at a price of Rs. 1775 (INR)
  • Would I buy it again? Possibly no. Unless it suddenly starts working on the dark circles which it hasn't till now.
The review is entirely my own and is not biased. I received this pack of Clinique all about eyes in a goody bag at a Clinique Event.

Till then,


  1. I love Clinique products! It's unfortunate that they didn't work as well for you ... I have dark circles and I would've liked to try this out for myself. May be not! Thanks for the review!

    1. I am quite surprised too. Their cleanser, toner and make up work really well for me! :)


  2. oh no I hope it starts working for u soon!
    At that price duds are such turn offs!!!
    Even fab India's under eye gel takes care of puffiness!

    1. I know right? Thank God, mine was a sample I got free in a goody bag :P



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