Monday, January 27, 2014

The Wallet Fixation

Asking if a woman can have enough wallets is almost the same as asking her the rhetorical question about ever having enough bags. I don't get tired of rolling my eyes every time someone (mostly someone of the opposite sex), asks me that question. Its ridiculous on so many levels. Does a bee like flowers? Do fish like water? Do women like bags? There is a bag/wallet for every occasion. Just like there is a shoe for every occasion. Granted that wallets are something that I personally treat as somewhat of an investment and hence I don't buy too many. But when life (read: Priyanka of Zubiya) throws these insanely cute wallets at you, you act on it and flaunt them. Wallets from Zubiya have the simplest, coolest USP. They are hand-painted! Not just by some unimaginative dude who didn't quite get what girls dig but Priyanka being an ardent fashion lover herself manages to give all her babies that certain quirk in terms of the motifs and characters she paints on to the wallets. Light, spacious (have multiple card pockets in case you were wondering) and super easy on your pocket. These wallets definitely managed to make me change my old faithful wallet and experiment a lot more in terms of the design. I definitely cannot get enough of the brightly Indian kitsch painted auto and the elephant with the myriad of Indian colours. Check out her website for the complete treasure trove.

The auto wallet is priced at Rs. 800 (INR) while the elephant motif wallet is priced at Rs. 1299 (INR).
It couldn't possibly get better.
Get yours at Zubiya and find them on Facebook here.

Much love.


  1. So very cute they are!!! Must check out the website! :)

  2. i have always loved her work !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i have always loved her work !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. such fun wallet designs! love the auto one :)

    Thanks for introducing Zubiya.

    Defiant Princess
    <a href="></a>

  5. Such pretty wallets, especially the elephant one :)

  6. Hey how can I get in touch with the concern for this blog?

  7. Hey how can I get in touch with the concern for this blog?



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