Saturday, July 26, 2014

All my summer favourites

How many times have you found that one thing that you continuously obsess over for the next few weeks before you tire it out or wear it out? That one product that works wonders for you, so much so that you almost over use it death. It has happened with me as far as clothes and shoes go quite often, but this season I put together a cohesive, yet diverse list of my favourite things as they stand today. These were all sent across for reviews and I believe that has not coloured my judgment of what I think of them or why they make it to my list of favourites. Here goes:

Skin Yoga Rose and Oats face wash

The rose and oats face wash by Skin Yoga is this granular powder mixture as seen in the photo above. Add a little bit of water to this amount of powder and rub and create a mixture and apply to your face.  Smells soft and nice and also cleans well. My favourite part has to be the fact that it leaves your skin scrubbed and slightly moisturised. It is not as handy as a face wash in a tube or a spray so this is not my everyday face wash but I definitely enjoy this indulgence once in a way. Find out all about this at their website and buy it there: Skin Yoga Priced at Rs. 1450 (INR)

India Circus: Flower Quill Mug

The colours, the lotus feathers and prints on this mug, everything comes together to make it a delight for your house. I am sipping my green and lemon tea in this mug on days on end now and do not plan to stop anytime soon. My favourite part is that it isn't glass and yet it has the beauty of one and is such a refreshing change from the porcelain and china around. Buy it here on India Circus. Priced at Rs. 399 (INR)

India Circus: Garden of ShangriLa cushion cover
This velvet cushion with the perfect scenario of the garden of shangrila as it is known creates the perfect prop for your back to sit around in all the comfortable corners of your house. A word of caution: This one is for the ultra small cushions. Buy this cutie on India Circus. Priced at Rs. 599 (INR)

Holii make up pouch

The folks at Holii create bags out of natural leather and handwoven textiles. The bags have a great Indian aesthetic that is almost unseen in most leather bag manufacturers in India. What is the best part about this? Buy any Holii bag at any of their stores or on their website and get this fabulous leather make up pouch free till the 31st of this month. This one deal you want to make the best of. 
As seen in the bag: (L-R) Burt's bees lip balm in grapefruit, Chanel nail paint in beige, Fleur Cherie hand cream by L'Occitaine, Green chunky ring by Forever New, Perfume by Jimmy Choo.

All products courtesy of the brands as mentioned above except the components of my bag. 8-)

Till the next time.

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