Thursday, October 30, 2014

Players gonna plaid

The tartan patterned plaid shirt is like hot chocolate on a nippy day. Comforting, yet never goes out of style. Plaid isn't just confined to the kilts of the hot Scottish men or the sexy school girl outfit *cough* and here at FTLOFAOT, I give you my own version of the plaid look. In this weather where I was seemingly undecided about whether it was chilly enough for a jacket or warm enough to just float about in my maxis, I decided to do a little cool layering with my dependable custom made black maxi dress and the plaid shirt. Its certainly hipster since the floaty maxy and the shirt both exude a very devil-may-care vibe, but hey, turns out the devil does care and teams up a leopard print clutch against the plaid shirt. Hair, Brooklyn-ish gold hoops and black multi-strapped flat sandals could easily be classified as norm core but thats the thing, I always do norm core in parts and elements.
This was my outfit for Day 4 of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week and the photographs are courtesy the lovely couple behind The Fashion Flite.

Plaid shirt: Zara
Black maxi dress: Custom stitched
Black strappy sandals: Forever 21
Portfolio clutch: ASOS
Gold Loops: Forever 21

Till the next post,


  1. Eeee thank u for ur kind words . U always look super .xoxo

  2. I love the casual look that you pulled out of these two variants.


  3. Super! The candid shots are pretty :)

  4. Love the androgyny of the plaid shirt mixing effortlessly with the sheer elegant feminity of the maxi! <3

  5. I LOVE the simplicity of this outfit!



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