Monday, November 17, 2014

Glamour Untamed

Any reader who has been around for the turn of the century on my blog will know how I am not a very 'winter person', so to speak. Sure, trench coats, double breasted jackets, bombers, cardigans, cashmere have their charm and as an ardent lover of fashion, it is almost impossible to be oblivious to it. However, I tend to get lazy. My best friends are my tartan PJs. My beanie over ruffled hair fails to embarrass me in public. Simply put, it is just too cold to care.
So before it gets too cold for me to stop caring, let me unleash a can of glamour untamed on this blog. This should not be too anti climatic since the outfit in itself is all about the glamour of the current era. Lacy camisoles, a chunky necklace in gold emblazoned with powerful gems, a little black skirt with the handiwork of glass beads all across forming geometric patterns, the perfect cherry coloured platformed oxfords and the warmest swankiest chunky cardigan in a slatey shade with hints of ecru.
If this doesn't sound like winter wonderland to you, then maybe this visual revelry of an outfit that I came up with will make you a believer.
The skirt comes from the hands of the immensely talented designer who runs her label Thats Thefft, an outfit from which you saw here on my blog. The necklace is crafted by the hands of designer Ankita Tiwari whose label Aé-Teē has been spotted on every Queen Bee of Tinsel Town. If there is a jewellery label that just gets me, it is definitely this.
Clarks India's latest campaign, Shoe Diaries with Rina Dhaka is what really got me to style these uber cool shoes. As one of the bloggers collaborating with Clarks on this really cool campaign, this is my ShoeDiary. You can head to ShoeDiaries and find out everything about this and enter their contests to win exciting prizes. 

Skirt: C/O Thats Thefft
Shoes: C/O Clarks India
Cardigan: Zara
Necklace: C/O Aé-Teē

Photography Courtesy: Riddhima Arora Behance or reach her on email at

Till the next post,


  1. That necklace is so dreamy :D

  2. loved the necklace and your skirt.

  3. glamorous winter look! Love the necklace :)

    from Lazygulrox

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Vidya! :)
      Hope to hear from you on the blog more often!

  5. Love everything about this outfit specially the neckpiece!

    1. Thank you so much Sukriti! :) You would love Ae-Tee jewels then!



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