Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hello old friend

Another new year, another set of resolutions ready to be broken. I have almost detached myself from the blatant fraudulence where I set my bar for resolutions so high, that its nigh impossible to ever get there. Instead, I have come up with a list of keywords that I am going to make my go-to responses, everytime life throws lemons at me that I cannot make lemon meringue out of.

  • Travel- On a very long car journey, left quite happily to my thoughts, I came to the realisation that I did not move beyond some seven big cities last year. I have never been very big on traveling but this year is my year of change and I am going to try and travel as much as I can and as far as I can. No strict rules, just plenty of wanderlust and pixie dust in my pocket.
  • Run- As much as I would like to make it a masala bollywood plot and announce that I plan to run away, that sadly is not the case. For anyone who follows me on instagram would know that I have recently taken to this wonderfully cathartic activity and this year will be about a lot of running and a lot of really stylish running gear. I call it positive reinforcement.
  • Shanti- I have not gone back to yoga class for a long while but the simple chant of 'Om Shanti' goes a long way in remembering that anything beyond your control is not your headache. Keep the ego out, temper in check, negativity out, positivity in. This is probably the hardest, but as the sagacious would say, good things never come easy in life.
On that note, here is the first blog post of the year where I donned my chunky, earthy sweater dress and gold kicks.

Chunky sweater dress in ecru: Zara
Black stockings: Random store, Australia
Golden sneakers: Michael Kors
Gold geometric ring, choker and long chain: Forever 21
Gold filigree Ring: C/O Aé-Teē
Black minaudière with gold handiwork: C/O Rimple and Harpreet Narula 

Photography C/O: Dhruv Sethi Photography

Till the next time,

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  1. Fraudulence?! Haha. disco! You have me in splits - especially because I know that words is so you. Om Shanti to you too, breh! Lez be hippies together.



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