Saturday, April 18, 2015

A song of Ice and Fire

Have you ever poured into the eyes of a woman in love? Have you ever seen her bare soul as she sings the song of love? Have you seen the eyes of a woman who has tasted freedom? They all look similar. It's a look of intoxication that meets unadulterated delight at a certain unknown point. Her eyes shine bright and there is a song in her step. Her soul is not caged by the shackles of any protocol. She knows not how to regret. She knows love and freedom and the realisation of that combination is gold.

I am not one to diss everything traditional. I am also not one to be a part of the herd and let my voice of fashion drown out. I have always believed in the sublime beauty of 'less is more' as far as my choices in traditional Indian wear hold. But that also comes with a huge soft corner for all kinds of bling. I had the delight of being approached by the wonderful folks at Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers to work on a story for them and to weave it around their delightfully stunning kundan bridal sets. My concept for this luxurious Delhi based jewellery store was simple. A bride invests lacs of Rupees (or thousands of dollars) in her bridal jewellery only to realise that she may never have the opportunity to wear it again. I styled some intensely ornate pieces of jewellery which includes a kundan necklace, jhumkas (earrings) to match, a hathphool (bridal hand jewellery) and a kada (chunky bangle) from the house of SRM Jewellers, with a plain white chiffon saree with a sprinkle of 'mukaish' (silver metallic thread embroidery) and a white beachy camisole which I roughly knotted on one side. This saree was draped over gold sequinned pants as opposed to a petticoat because the concept is to remind every girl that there is always scope for comfort even with a saree. There is always a way to style these timeless pieces of jewellery from Shree Raj Mahal in a way that could be fit for a beach wedding or even a wedding in the woods. Essentially, there is a way out of the conventional heavily embroidered bright coloured clothing to go with this kind of jewellery route.
Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers takes pride in a motto of beauty, purity and trust and it could not be more befitting. They house designs which come together in the most harmonious marriage of traditions with modern designs. For a bride or a bride's maid who believes in jewellery that is versatile and can be dressed up or down, this place has options aplenty.

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Photography courtesy of Jagrati Marwaha, more of whose work you can also find on and



  1. Wow look at you! Such gorgeous pictures!
    LOVE that hair flip


  2. I think this is my favorite photoshoot of you! x

  3. Lovely Pictures. The combination of Jewellery with White Saree is very pretty. White is my favourite color. I like it.


    Silver Jewellery



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