Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wrogn with Virat Kohli

It all started with Virat Kohli and Wrogn flinging pearls of hangover wisdom at us on twitter which we lapped up, quite happily of course. But with not a clue of what was to follow. The next stage got real intense and was personally my favourite when Virat challenged the God of all things cricket, Sachin Tendulkar to a 'game' which he doubted he could handle. I'm certainly glad I got hooked at that point because it led me to this cool interactive game of WROGN auditions (with Virat sitting across me on the screen and conversing with me directly *gulp*) which could potentially *hold your breath* take me and three friends for a crazy Hangover-esue experience in Vegas. 
I'm not usually the one to fall bait to contests but this game essentially got me playing for a number of reasons.

  • I love the graphics and sound effects of the game. I know as a non-gamer, I don't really carry a strong point of view about VFX but a game that gets you in the groove and wondering what Virat would throw next at you, is definitely high on the VFX quotient. It only helps that it feels like Virat is sitting across you and questioning you.
  • The format of the game. There is really no right or wrong answer for most questions if you think about it but Virat makes cool use of logic to decide whether your answer is right or wrong. 
  • The questions asked. "Can you parallel park when you're drunk?" The answer seems fairly obvious depending on your capabilities but in the face of fire, it's hard to really remember that you are not supposed to be driving at all since you're drunk. Another one of my favourites was the one where Virat asks if you had ever taken ten selfies in a day. Some days we are vainer than the rest of the days and ten almost seems a small number to weigh our vanity in terms of. But Virat's clear ideas of narcissism and how I should let other people take photos of me got me out of the game pretty early on. 
You could still be unsure about whether you want to spend a precious ten minutes attempting to play the game but then there is always a reminder: You could be in Vegas at Caesar's Palace reliving Hangover (sans a shirtless Bradley Cooper of course) if you win.

Maybe, just want to play?

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  1. It was an exciting twitter action between cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar and present skipper Virat Kohli! Wrogn has a amazing collection of men's clothing too.



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