Monday, November 16, 2015

The name of the wind

A lot of my inspiration to write comes from the books I read and the movies I watch. Fashion isn't much different to me. A form of literary art is something I find a lot of comfort in giving a pictorial sense to, via my fashion aesthetics. When I read 'The name of the wind' by Patrick Rothfuss, a large part of my brain mulled over 'Kvothe' and his antics for days on end. I could not wait to see what he would do next and immediately hopped over to the next book. The concept that Patrick attaches to the naming of the wind in order to enslave the wind to do as you please is so beautifully described that I more intensely than I imagined hung on to each of Master Elodin's classes waiting for him with bated breath to decode the science and magic of 'naming'. The allure of Jvothe's love for Denna and the unparalleled chase that he undertakes to find his love had my emotions maxed out at moments. If being a Potter head comes as second nature to you then the University that teaches magic and sympathy (with a few teaspoons of voodoo dolls) might just be your next dream destination. And if you haven't read the book, never mind. The edgy fantasy fiction feel of this cape top, the large neon bindi and the hair enslaved by the wind *and defying gravity* will hopefully still manage to transport you to the city of Imre and remind you of the skills of artificery and alchemy.

Cape top: Qbik (Delhi)
Skirt: Stalk Buy Love
Shoes: Rungg Shoes
Cuboids: Miss Flurrty
Rings: Forever 21 and Loviza (Singapore)

Photography by Pretika Menon aka Jvack Toto

Ever wished you could take a poll on which fit of jeans worked better for you and wanted a large set of virtual friends to reach out to? Wanted the most obscure piece of clothing (just because!) and didn't know where to begin quizzing people? Or just wanted to brainstorm over a really love(hate) piece of clothing that was making the rounds and you couldn't make up your mind about how you felt? Wear is the discussion is that much and more. I can't think of the number of times I've wanted to just quickly google away some sartorial queries but google couldn't read my mind so I gave up that pursuit. But maybe this absolutely exclusive secret online portal could do that job. I'm glad to be a blogger enlisted with them and I can't wait to see many more of you right here on Facebook. There onwards, you could gain access to the invite only group. Check them out and show them some love. 




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