Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sephora Delhi: The BIG Makeover

I might not be the ideal person to talk about the difference between contouring and strobing but I definitely know a good make up product from another. It has taken a few years but I can safely say that I have developed a few basic make up skills that work quite alright for me. Hell I don't think I could ever be as ingenious as Kylie Jenner and them (in)famous lips but let us take one baby step at a time. My self proclaimed make up hoarding ways meant that I would on all my travels, hunt down Sephora like a hyena but thanks to Arvind Brands, guess who lives 15-20 minutes away from a Sephora outlet!

There is not much I could say about Sephora that beauty bloggers have not told you before. But here is a perspective from a lazy fashion girl who spends all her time getting her look right and very little time applying make up. Sephora is like a super mart for all your make up needs. There is something for everyone. And there is everything for anyone. Housing international brands like Stilla and Benefit, Sephora manages to be your go-to place for every beauty skincare need. But here is the interesting part: 

Two days back was the official unveiling of the revamped Sephora in Delhi which means quite a few things for the Indian Sephora shoppers. Let me start by telling you that the feel and vibe of the place is so fresh and so in sync with the international outlets. The neon hoardings, the brilliant blow up art over the make up counters, the face lift in terms of layout and organization of products are just a few of my favourite things. My favourite feature has to be the newly established Benefit Brow Bar alongside a large section just dedicated to Benefit products. Waxing eyebrows as opposed to threading them is still a concept relatively new to the Indian market but the brow bar has experts who walk you through the entire process of determining what the shape of your eyebrows should look like and only on your approval do they go ahead with it. A highly clinical yet interactive brow bar ensures you get perfectly waxed eyebrows with inputs on how to maintain the shape, filling them etc.As per usual, I spent a lot of time browsing through the fragrance section which is beautifully bifurcated into Men and Women now stocked with every conceivable perfume. The large LCD screen behind the billing counter that has great videos from an assortment of runways with fun, upbeat music ensures that the shoppers have fun (and possibly break into a dance move or two) while buying their make up.
The fragrance wise coded and organized toiletries(obviously color coded automatically) with baskets of each collectively available now, at Sephora, was so soothing to my eyes and my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.Enjoy this visual treat.



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