Monday, July 25, 2016

FTLOFAOTxBhumika Grover : The age of love

Social media has ruined me. The writer in me typed in a lot of deconstructed thoughts when I sat down today to compose this piece. Why were they deconstructed, you ask? My habit now compels me to write shorter, crisper captions for instagram, Facebook and twitter thereby quelling my writer's instinct to just go on and on, seamlessly. Bhumika Grover's collection this season is about love and joy. It is festive and colourful and embarks on a sartorial journey that takes you back to your roots. Silks and banarsi weaves. Dabka and zardozi. Fuchsia and orange. Pale pinks and nudes. The collection is a festival that you would want to celebrate every year. A festival celebration that you would partake in to experience a joy unknown hitherto. While I play her muse for this look book, I finally decided to write a short story to utilise my creative block to write anything long, to the best of its capability.
Her eyes always betrayed her. The longing to just be and not be a pawn in the game of thrones, that was her life, always gnawed at her. Her lips spelt joy but the unwavering loneliness in her eyes always gave it all away. The dynasty continued. Yet, not a day arrived when the princess was accorded the powers that the princes from the nearby kingdom were. The dream of being an heiress to the throne because she loved her people lasted only as long as each breath. Why was it that the point of conversation, each time a reference was made to her, revolved around her beauty? She found the idea revolting. And a revolt she did lead. Until the day she freed herself and led her people to the dawn of independence, both in body and mind.

All pieces of clothing by: Bhumika Grover (her store is located in Shahpurjat, New Delhi. Check out the page for more details)
Jewellery: Designer's own and Vaitaanika
Shoes: The Shoe Garage, Shahpurjat
Hair and make up: Geet Sukhani
Photography: Sagar Ahuja
Styled and modelled by: Yours truly



  1. I loved this post look sooo elegant and everything is perfectly paired

  2. I loved this post look sooo elegant and everything is perfectly paired

  3. Love the colors! And you look stunning :)

  4. Love this content
    more like this at

  5. The patha patti used with the purple and pink, is that a neck piece? It looks beautiful.
    Amazing pics.

  6. It is so nice that you put in that extra effort to write something each time. The pictures are as beautiful as your writing.



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