Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Good Earth for Nilaya: The launch

Solve this puzzle. What do you get when you put together 'Nilaya'; an offering of Asian Paints that is basically like couture for your walls, with Good Earth: a name synonymous with only the finest of sensibilities in the world of home decor?

It is really alright if you cannot because this post is dedicated to this new dimension of home decor that the partnership between Nilaya and Good Earth has unveiled: a line of 'Silk Route' themed wall papers. With fairy lights strung from tree to tree and the classic Good Earth lamps paving the way, the event to launch the Silk Route line of wallpapers was every bit magical. The centre pieces with large peach and white roses dotted with hydrangeas and the wallpapers, hung like tapestries right in the middle for all to explore. There were little cabanas done up in decor by Good Earth and the Nilaya wall papers in contrasting prints formed the folding doors right at the back. The Nilaya and the Good Earth teams ensured that we went home well versed with the detailed concept of Silk Route and the different landscapes explored in the wallpapers through this fabled journey.

When you think Good Earth, your mind automatically drifts to eclectic and romantic Indian prints with a colour pattern that prides in the richness of our heritage with a dose of modernism. There is not much from the house of Good Earth that does not stir a little something in your soul. Nilaya has redefined what surfaces meant to an Indian household. After a fantastic collaboration with Sabyasachi, this endeavour to roller-print some of the finest wallpapers for all structures alike is everything we have waited for. 

The Silk Route collection of wallpapers explores three segments of the mysterious Silk Route journey. 'Charbagh' which etches out blossoming blooms and plants found in the walled gardens. 'Palmyra' which is an 'imagined oasis paradise with lush foliage and exotic birds'. 'Xanadu' where the Silk Route originated from across the Great Wall of China.

For all those asking, the wallpapers are ready and stocked at the Good Earth Select City Walk Mall, New Delhi.

Photography by: Ilina Luthra
Find all information on Good Earth here and more on Nilaya by Asian Paints here.


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