Monday, December 26, 2016

FTLOFAOT with Aeropostale and POPxo

Over years I have gotten around to growing a thick skin towards winter. Every season I vent and go back to figuring out ways to battle a myriad of issues like a perpetually triggered off sinus, my urge to eat everything in sight and the most important of them all, the need to find innovative ways to layer my clothes. 2016 has been the year of a multitude of international clothing mammoths making their way into the Indian markets (and our hearts *hyuk hyuk*) and I was positively thrilled about Aeropostale headlining that act. And as we move towards a more digitally adept future, I love the fact that I can just hop online and buy me some Aeropostale. This winter I am all about the boyfriend and the mother jeans (yes, these are legit styles of jeans and not something I made up) and while you won't see me wear light blue denims often, these pair definitely felt right. I tried two looks with a total of six pieces and this should give you an insight on how to find a perfect balance of a sexy winter look alongside a more relaxed, languid sort. This is a piece in collaboration with POPxo along with Aeropostale for Amazon. Their caps and their logo jerseys are such a failsafe option but the real game changer for me are their cosy knits. Knits are the hot pants of winter. They are effortless and so so cozy and in the kind of silhouettes that make you think of the Swiss Alps. Fine maybe not the Alps but you get the point. They are warm, yet light so they are ideal for layering and people like me who are always on the go (gives me more room to pack in more shoes). The snoods and infinity scarves left me doing mental math, trying to figure out how I would accommodate all of them in my pint sized apartment/walk in closet. I could start living in the middle of all the clothes, that was always an option. Shamelessly plugging Aeropostale, I must admit that I feel very vehemently about shopping for my winter essentials with them and maybe pick a few more plaid shirts too while I'm at it. Just spreading the festive cheer (and monetary woes) guys. You're welcome.

Photography by: Saumya and Shiva of The Open Art Project

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