Thursday, April 6, 2017

Travelling with Dyo Organic Village Resort

I have mentioned this before when I went exploring Anant Rasa in Sitalkhet which you read about here, that as I grew up I realised that I enjoyed the reverie of the hills almost as much as the beach. I live for the cool breeze, the empowering yet intimidating Himalayas, the serene landscapes and the sincere sounds of only the birds chirping all around you. It doesn't hurt to go at an ideal time like this which is April to a property as stunning as Dyo Organic Resort in Muktehwar, Uttarakhand (a few hours away from Ranikhet) since it is warm in the day and cold in the night and you get to enjoy almost both the seasons at once. You also witness the entire land lush and green in all its glory what with every possible patch of green dotted with flowers, wild and otherwise and the trees dotted with red rhododendrons for as far as the eye can see. 

Our little getaway to Dyo was nothing short of perfect. Not only was I enamoured by the hospitality of the lovely sisters who run this little boutique resort, I was also taken in immensely by the design and decor of the property. This deserved such a special mention simply because a property of this scale and style gets its modern chic, minimalist design value from the effort and thought that goes into it. From the logo design to the signages that have been firmly planted across the entire property (including deep in the jungle where we went for a jungle walk accompanied by the quintessential hill dog Loorie) that carry the most considerate and almost adorable messages for the guests and passerby, I was very impressed with it all. The furniture and design of the five rooms have been done up in the theme of the five elements of Earth. While that holds the possibility of going over board, they manage to keep it stylishly restrained. 

The USP however of Dyo, located in Mukteshwar, remains the fresh produce and the unbelievably delicious food that is made available at Dyo Cafe (also open for non-guests of the property). We tasted a variety of cuisines and it has never been that hard for me to pick a favourite. If I had to, I would go with the experience of the authentic Kumaoni lunch especially for the authenticity and delight of its flavours. It helps that you can sit in the cafe and enjoy the views of the hills and blooms and your food at the same time. 

The origin of the delightful food experience stems from the poly house located a few feet below the property where we trekked down to pluck our own fruits and behead our own vegetables to make for our next meal. The lush green cabbage patch, the cauliflower ready to pluck, the thin sweet radishes that we plucked from the ground under and the peas that glistened like pearls in the pods (and were sweet enough to pass off as dessert) are all memories that make for a brilliant and literal Farm to Table experience.

Would I go back? I most certainly will. I slept like a baby at our cushy suite and I chased butterflies and lady birds and drank chai by the sunset point in the day. Life is great, at Dyo Organic Resort.

For any kind of questions, queries, comments et al, don't forget to drop in a line below or email me and I would be happy to answer your questions about Dyo or direct you to the concerned person.



  1. Looks lovely Always wanted to visit Sure I will

  2. While that holds the possibility of going over board, they manage to keep it stylishly restrained. homepage



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