Monday, January 14, 2019


So this is what cheating on your first love and then realising you couldn't live without it and hence coming back to make amends, must feel like. I had to check twice to ensure my blog was still standing. Thank god for automatic payments.I have now officially been in The Hague for nearly 3 months short of a year and it has been exhilarating to say the least. Endless amounts of travel, adventures with my partner and fashion and food discoveries unending. Without further ado, here is the list of my top 5 most instagrammable (yes, that is a word now) cafes in The Hague or Den haag if you may. Over the course of seven months, I made it my personal mission statement to find the most instagrammable cafes in the city and try out all of them. Safe to say, I've hunted out most of them and listed what I like best about each and rated them on the 'gram factor and food for you. So bookmark it, send it to your friends/family travelling or just pin it on to your '2019' travel goals and make that trip to the lovely city of The Hague.

  • MUGS AND MERMAIDS: Find it here. Mugs and Mermaids is literally straight out of your 'The Little Mermaid' fantasy. It's a cosy little cafe which has a cute outdoorsy set up too with furniture painted aqua blue. The food is quite the instagrammer's delight and here's the best part: it tastes fantastic too. Shades of blue, pink, red with a lot of rainbow-y natural elements in your dish (so no crappy quality colouring business) make it a must-eat-at/must-take-photos-at in The Hague. My suggestion? The mermazing pancakes and the beetroot latte.
    Food/Drinks: 8/10
    Insta factor: 9/10

  • CONFETTI: Find it here. Confetti is a pastel-everything-lover's dream come true. With interiors done up in the cutest tones of pale pink, lilac and a sea foam green, they ensure that everything they serve comes with a luxurious topping of funfetti sprinkles and actual stirrers with bits of confetti on them. They have a disco inspired/ confetti wall that I particularly love and makes for the best backdrop for photos. My favourite element has to be the pile of sweaters kept in the cafe cause it's The Hague and there's always a chance you're cold! My suggestion? The smashed avo sandwich and their everyday special cakes.
    Food/drinks: 8/10
    Insta factor: 9/10

  • PISTACHE CAFE: Find it here. Pistache Cafe is one of the most tastefully done up insta-friendly cafes in The Hague. Everything is pistachio green (yep, if you notice I have a thing for pastels!) and the sheer amount of actual greens (plants, silly!) are a treat to sore eyes. The mirrored accents and the leafy art complete the look and you can't complain about the food either (it's a clean and organic eating format). It helps that it's right opposite the palace. My suggestion? The sandwiches and the toasties.
    Food/Drinks: 7/10
    Insta factor: 8/10

  • HUG THE TEA: Find it here. If a matcha bar didn't make it to this list, what an absolute pity it would be. But given that I am a huge matcha enthusiast, I had to track down the first Matcha bar in The Netherlands which also sells its own blend. They have a very interesting tea menu, needless to say and the matcha flavoured food (both sweet and savoury) gives it automatic instagram points. It's cute and cozy and green and perfect to sit in a corner (and take sly photos of your food).My suggestion? The matcha waffles with fresh fruit and their teas of course.

    Food/drinks: 8/10 
    Insta factor: 8/10

  • LOLA BIKES AND COFFEE: Find it here. I walked in here first because it had the cutest name and was in the vicinity of all the cool art spaces around Noordeinde. Lola Bikes and coffee as the name suggests is a biker themed cafe which couldn't be a more appropriate theme in the Netherlands. The walls have bikes mounted on them which make for the perfect photo op. Also cool instagrammable content includes details about their biking clubs, workshops and the bikes mounted for sale and rental. It doesn't hurt that they whip up a really good flat white. My suggestion? Your style of coffee. They always get it right.
    Drinks: 8/10
    Insta factor: 7/10

The search for the 10/10 continues but meanwhile, bookmark your next insta friendly holiday maybe? 



  1. Hi there, neighbor! :))
    This is such a cool post! I've already been to Pistache, Lola and Hug The Tea - they are lovely - just as you say:) The others are still on the list:)

  2. I like the name and meaning of your website ftlofaot.



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