Thursday, October 31, 2019

Slowing down with Sui

Let's make something clear at the onset. This blog post is not intended to be fact heavy or loaded on ominous statements. There are tons of great resources out there doing that job and doing it wonderfully. This is mostly me thinking out loud and talking about how working with Sui (an eco-conscious with not just their garments but also kind work practices, label from India) might have given rise to a lot of questions in my mind that I will hopefully be able to answer as I go (grow) along. 
Instead of throwing around words like sustainability and eco-conscious, I decided to bring in someone with a kitty full of actual ideas and knowledge about leading a slow, sustainable life to talk to the attendees who signed up for our 'sustainability themed' meet up in October with Whats The Plan NL. Meredith, with her actual work experience with grass-root organisations both in India and abroad did exactly what I had envisioned with a topic like this. She took it, made it her own and created the most fun dialogue about the same, complete with games and activities. Having Sui on board as a brand partner for Whats The Plan NL was a kick in my rear to think more about issues of practical solutions to our environment woes and understanding that beautiful clothes could also be made out of eco freiendly filers. Extremely simple ways to turn around your plastic and waste churning. Something as incredibly obvious as wasting less food (let's face it, we are all guilty). We shared a lot on how the older generations could teach us a thing or two about being less wasteful. 'Repairing' instead of 'replacing'. 'Buying' more mindfully. And so much more.
I had never wanted to create a preachy seminar where one person talks at the audience and everybody goes home with gifts but having lost out on any message that could have been the real take-away. With Meredith and Jayasri capturing the entire event and having a brand like Sui on board, we avoided just that. Everybody contributed and we all realised that slowly and steadily, we could adopt better practices. There wasn't an overnight 180 degree transformation because we realistically only wanted to disseminate information and get people talking and more importantly, thinking. 
Again, in order to avoid being a hypocrite, I acknowledge that I am nowhere close to having an almost 0 carbon foot print. But this association of brands and some brilliant minds was definitely the propeller for all of us to think and definitely attempt to do better.
And that, my friends was definitely achieved. 
I had the pleasure of playing dress up and styling some absolutely stunning Sui pieces that are created with hemp and/or organic cotton. Another huge take-away, slowing down can be extremely fashionable too. The little motifs embroidered with herbal dyes serve as just the perfect little reminders to slow down and smell the roses. 

All photos have been shot by Portraits by Jayasri.

Till the next time.

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